Look Around You America. Do You Like Where this Country is Heading?

Look Around You America. Do You Like Where this Country is Heading? July 2, 2020

Trump. Source: Flickr Creative Commons by https://www.flickr.com/photos/83057948@N07/

Look around you America. 

Do you like where this country is heading? 

Trump has been president for 3 years. 

Look at what he’s done to our country. 

If he gets 4 more years, will America survive? 

If Donald Trump had kept the structures to fight pandemics that President Obama created in place we would have had the governmental systems to fight COVID-19. If he had reacted to this threat by working with our allies to contain it the way that President Obama reacted to the Ebola breakout of 2014-15, or President Bush reacted to SARS, we most likely would never have had a pandemic in the first place. 

If he had just told the truth on a consistent basis, took the advice of the medical professionals who have worked so hard to give us facts, and behaved as any sane leader would, we’d have this thing on the beat down the way our European allies do. 

Instead, we are facing an explosion of cases, many American deaths and the breakdown of our health care system. The American people are refusing to act in an intelligent and united manner against this virus. The reason is that around 40% of them are taking medical advice from crazy Donald Trump and the crackpot right wing web sites that lie for him instead of their own doctors.

The American people are at sixes and sevens, at war with one another, yammering and yelling in chaotic craziness and unable to stand together even in peril to their own survival. They are doing this because of the abominable and destructive leadership of Donald Trump.

Let’s turn from COVID-19 and consider for a moment the on-going and increasingly destructive demonstrations around the country. These demonstrations began as a just reaction to the murder of George Floyd and the anger in the black community about police violence. They have morphed in many places into something akin to mass scale senselessness.

In St Louis, Black Lives Matter appears to have been taken over by a convert to Islam named Ulmer Lee. Muslims have joined the St Louis movement and it seems to have morphed from a movement to end racism against black Americans into a fight over things that have nothing to do with this country. Instead of pulling down statues of Civil War generals who fought against America in an attempt to continue slavery, these marchers are demanding that St Louis pull down its statue of St Louis and that the city change its name because of — get ready for this now — the Crusades. 

It sounds as if the Black Lives Matter movement in St Louis has been co-opted and now has nothing to do with African Americans, civil rights, or indeed, America at all. It’s now all about Muslim extremism and religious wars that took place long before this country existed. 

That, my friends, is what happens with leaderless mobs. 

Sad to say, America itself is in danger of becoming a leaderless mob. That is what is happening to us, right now, in real time.

All Donald Trump had to do at the beginning of these demonstrations was respond to the death of George Floyd like a president. I saw a deeply moving plea from The Rock to the president, begging him to speak up and say something that would lead this country. Maybe The Rock gets it now. Trump is not capable of leading this country. 

All he had to do was stand up and talk to the American people. He had to respond with empathy and — here’s that word again — leadership after George Floyd’s death. It was his moment to be the president and inspire the people of this country and lead us through that crisis. 

Other presidents have done it. With the exception of Herbert Hoover in 1929-1931, ALL other presidents have done it. 

Trump stands down in the gutter with Hoover in his abysmal lack of leadership in a crises. 

He’s a coward who runs and hides, threatens and bullies. He used tear gas to clear the street of peaceful demonstrators so he could walk across the street — accompanied by generals in fatigues — to strike an awkward pose with a Bible. 

These were peaceful demonstrators he hit with tear gas. 

All he had to do was walk out the front door and mingle with them. Shake a few hands. Listen to their grievances. 

That was the photo op this country needed. If he had had the guts to do that, this whole thing would be different and we would all be looking at him as something other than the wimpy coward that he is. 

Mayors, local officials and police chiefs, including quite a number of women, had the cojones to go out into the crowds and talk to demonstrators. They did it all over the country. But they weren’t the president. If the president had done it, the message of “I hear you,” would have reverberated and changed things.

Nixon went out and talked with demonstrators during the peace demonstrations. 

Churchill went out in the blitz. 

So did King George. 

He would have been surrounded by guards, among unarmed and astonished peaceful demonstrators. The danger to his precious self was nil.

The image would have been electrifying to the people of this country. His followers would have had something he’s done that they could brag about without twisting themselves into knots and lying for him the way they’ve done since he first announced his run for president. 

This country needed Trump to make an inspiring, empathetic speech. We needed him to behave like a man instead of a wimp. We need him to do the things that leaders of both sexes have done throughout history. 

We needed him to exhibit a tiny speck of personal courage. 

We needed him to show strength. 

But he didn’t do that. Instead, he hid in the White House and threatened the American people with an attack from their own military. He called names, smeared, blamed the Democrats and whined about how hard this country is to govern. 

Because he’s too much of a coward. 

Because he’s too much of a bully.

Because he really is a racist. 

Because he’s a sniveling, spineless fool who is destroying America with his corruption, dishonesty, cowardice and treasonous servility to our enemies. 

I think the reason he abuses women is because he such a weak, mewling little coward himself, and he’s trying to hide it by shoving other people around. My Daddy always told me that a man who abuses women is not a man. 

I think he was right. 

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