Trump’s Black Ops Attack on Portland in 6 Quick Headlines & 3 Videos

Trump’s Black Ops Attack on Portland in 6 Quick Headlines & 3 Videos July 21, 2020

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If Trump had led this country after George Floyd’s murder as every other president of this country has done in similar crises, America would be in a different place right now. I believe that the reason he did not make a presidential speech in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder is that he is too racist and too committed to tearing this country apart to ever do anything to bring us together in a crises.

His idea of governance is to pit Americans against other Americans. He’s spent his entire time in office working to get us to hate one another. For him to stand up and make a speech that would bring us together in a time of racial crisis goes against everything he stands for and believes. It violates the core of what he is.

What he did instead of bringing us together was double down on his racism and his demagoguery. He was threatening to use federal troops against demonstrators from day one of the demonstrations. His entire response has been to demonize black people and do everything he can by means of voter suppression and a refusal to allow voting by mail to keep them from exercising their voice at the polls.

This is nothing new for President Trump. He operates by demonizing people and his followers help him all they can by joining in. Women, hispanics, Democrats and now black people have all been subjected to a constant deluge of demonizing, hate-filled rhetoric from Trump. His followers amplify this hate porn by passing it along and embroidering it to make it worse.

He has no respect for American lives. He’s demonstrated that repeatedly during this pandemic.

He has also telegraphed repeatedly that he has no compunction about using federal arms against the American people. That has been his first and only impulse throughout the demonstrations since George Floyd was murdered.

He has never once tried to lead this country through this situation. Instead of appealing to the angels of our better nature and uniting us, he has deliberately played us off against one another and divided us further. Instead of putting out the flames, he has poured gasoline on them.

When he originally threatened to launch a full-on military attack on the demonstrators, leaders within the military opposed him publicly. What he is doing now is using “black ops” against American citizens. He is doing this against the vocal opposition of local governments who say that, without the inflaming influence of Trump’s loud-mouthed racism, the demonstrations would have died off peacefully.

He is now threatening to bless more American cities — all of them in parts of the country that did not vote for him in 2016 — with black ops roaming their streets like sharks hunting seals. He attempts to justify this with more of his absurd lies such as his claim that Chicago is “worse than Afghanistan by far.”

I have a lot of questions about these “black ops.” They appear to be some sort of presidential praetorian guard or hit squad that Trump is deploying in a manner that is totally outside normal American governance.

Who exactly are they? Who funds them? Are they actual federal troops of some sort, or are they from a private organization with a government contract? How did Homeland Security get its own private army for presidents to use to punish parts of the country that vote against them?

Why are my tax dollars being used to support the use of black ops against American citizens? Personally, I don’t feel like paying for a personal hit squad for this president or any other president.

Why does the president appear to have his own SS-type secret police that he deploys against the American people on his own without any checks or balances at all?

Last, but not least, which dictator does these actions remind you of the most? Pinochet? Hitler? Or Idi Amin?

Here is a run down on Trump’s recent use of black ops against demonstrators in 6 quick headlines and 3 videos.

  1. Portland Man, Beaten by Federal Agents, Says He Just Wanted to Talk. 
  2. Trump official says federal troops may be deployed to other Democrat-run cities this week. 
  3. The Real Reason Trump is Targeting Portland Protestors with Law Enforcement. 
  4. ‘I don’t need invitations.’ Homeland Security chief says he has authority to deploy more feds to shut down protests. 
  5. Portland Protestor Describes Beating by Federal Officers. 
  6. Wall of Moms at Portland Protest Formed to Protect Protestors. 




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