Trump Pledges to End Payroll Tax. Social Security Fund Would be Empty by 2023.

Trump Pledges to End Payroll Tax. Social Security Fund Would be Empty by 2023. August 26, 2020

Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons. White House File Photo. Public domain.

The man who prides himself on keeping his campaign promises has pledged to end Social Security and Medicare.

Donald Trump has already used an executive order to temporarily suspend the payroll tax. He has also said that if he is re-elected, he will permanently end the payroll tax.

The payroll tax is what funds Social Security and Medicare.

This is the Republican dream. And Trump has said he’ll make it real.

If he makes his temporary suspension of the payroll tax permanent, the Social Security fund will be empty by 2023.

So … that means that we need to bring back the poor farms for elderly people. I guess it also means that a lot of baby boomers are going to die soon, because without Medicare they will be up that old medical creek with no paddle at all.

There is also another bad side effect coming. Franklin Roosevelt invented Social Security to keep old people out of poor houses and from destitution. He also designed it to prevent another depression like the one in the 1930s from happening again.

That has worked for 90 years.

Without the money that Social Security pumps into the economy on a steady basis, the next time the market has a big fall, you’d better get ready. We’re going down, down, down, down, down.

Trump is not our president. He’s Putin’s boy. When you realize that Putin put him in power to destroy this country, you can see that he’s doing a bang-up job.

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