Trump Says if He is Re-Elected He will Defund Social Security.

Trump Says if He is Re-Elected He will Defund Social Security. August 13, 2020

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons, public domain.

Donald Trump took out his pen last Saturday and signed an executive order suspending the payroll tax.

He has since then announced in press conferences that if he is re-elected, he plans to do away with the payroll tax permanently. He touted this as a great tax cut for employers and workers alike. He also said that the Democrats “wouldn’t even consider” cutting the payroll tax.

There is a reason the Democrats wouldn’t consider cutting this tax. The payroll tax is what funds both Social Security and Medicare. Cutting it will defund both these programs and ultimately end them.

The current stalemate over whether or not to do away with Social Security is the primary reason that the Republicans have stone-walled the incentive package these past few weeks. They have allowed many millions of Americans to run out of unemployment compensation and to face being kicked out of their homes because they are fighting to include cutting the payroll tax, which would defund Social Security, in the bill.

The Democratic House passed the stimulus bill in May. The Republican Senate has been stonewalling ever since. Then, last Saturday, Trump took out his pen, and in a clearly unconstitutional move, leaped over Congress’ power to control federal appropriations and on his own, just like the dictator he is trying to be, suspended the payroll tax which funds both Social Security and Medicare.

The Republican Senate is doing to the stimulus what they have done to the entire fight against COVID-19. They are sacrificing the American people to bow down before the monster in the White House.

Meanwhile Trump, who campaigned on how he was going to “fix” Social Security, has shown without any doubt that his real plan is to do away with both Social Security and Medicare altogether.

Ask yourself this:

  1. What will your retirement look like without Social Security?
  2. If you are retired now, can you survive if those Social Security checks stop coming?
  3. What will you do when you need a pacemaker and the bill for several hundred thousand dollars arrives in your mailbox?
  4. How are you going to pay for your cancer treatments without Medicare?
  5. Do you love Trump so much that you are willing to die for him and his ego? 

I was the chair of the Business Industry and Labor Relations Committee in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. As such, I handled the legislation pertaining to Social Security, including the Social Security overflow monies. The Payroll Tax, which Trump says he wants to do away with permanently, is what funds Social Security. 

This is a video of Trump, explaining that he intends to do away with the Payroll Tax.

Another small point: He is blatantly campaigning from the White House at what is supposed to be a press briefing by the president about COVID-19. The White House does not belong to Trump. It belongs to the American people. Office holders using government money or facilities to campaign for office is illegal.

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