Trump’s Toadies Jump Back on the Birther Train, This Time Against Kamala.

Trump’s Toadies Jump Back on the Birther Train, This Time Against Kamala. August 13, 2020

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Joe Biden announced his historic choice of Kamala Harris for running mate two days ago.

It didn’t take long for the racist wagon train to roll itself and its ugly out onto the road.

I’ve seen endless Facebook discussions about Senator Harris’ ethnic heritage, endlessly parsing whether she’s a “real” African American. These folks go over and over her ethnic bloodlines. They talk about her like we were buying breeding stock for a ranch instead of electing a Vice President.

The same thing was done to President Obama.

It appears that when a black person’s name is on the ballot, a lot of Americans become fixated on the ethnic lines of descent of the person in a way that we never are about anyone else.

Then, there’s the birther idiocy. Senator Harris was born in Oakland California. Now I realize that a good number of extreme right-wing nut jobs love to hate all things California. That goes along with their deep love of the Confederacy and the halcyon days of Nazi purity.

They pretty much hate everybody except themselves, and they’re not all that sure about themselves. But California has a special place in the sulfurous rat holes they call their hearts. They love to hate California.

Maybe that’s why they’ve decided to go off on their banjo-playing racist sing-song of birtherism.

Or, maybe, they’re just bad people and the darkness inside of them hungers to express itself through racist hate.

All I know for sure is that a complicated bit of pretend intellectual and Constitutional web-spinning is making the rounds of the internet. I won’t bother to go through an explanation of this stuff. It’s as ugly as a black widow spider’s misshapen web, and as deadly painful to the mind and soul as the spider herself.

The bottom line to the whole deal is that birtherism is racism for dummies and all these endless discussions of Senator Harris’ bloodlines is racism for even dumber dummies.

If you’re really stupid,

and you’re really ignorant,

and you’re really bad,






then you’re going to groove on this stuff and nobody can stop you.

Because you are stupid.

And you are mean.

And you are racist.

So go for it little race-baiting lollipop. Let the smallest, stupidest demon from hell drive what passes for your half-wit thinking.

Be my guest.

I think using birther racism to defend Donald Trump, the all-time, no-contest, absolute King of Birther Racism is actually quite fitting.

For a look at the stupid-as-a-walking-barrel-of-dirt argumentation that somebody made up to justify these racist tropes, you can read Some questions for Kamala Harris about eligibility. 

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