Do You have a Plan for After Trump Ends Social Security?

Do You have a Plan for After Trump Ends Social Security? September 21, 2020

Trump. Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Nina Reid

President Trump plans to bankrupt Social Security by 2023. 

To be clear, Trump did not say that he was going to end Social Security. 

He said he was going to cut off the funding for Social Security.

Trump has already signed an executive order creating a “holiday” on the Payroll Tax. The Payroll Tax funds Social Security. This holiday started at the first of this month. 

No money has been rolling into the Social Security Fund for three weeks now. While Baby Boomers are hammering in their Trump yard signs and typing “God bless President Trump” in Facebook comboxes, the Social Security Fund that feeds them and keeps a roof over their heads is draining dry. The money is pouring out of it like water draining out of a bathtub. Trump has shut off the spigot, and there is nothing coming in. 

If Trump is re-elected and makes good on his promise to do away with the Payroll tax, the Social Security Fund will be empty by 2023. 

Of course, President Trump has said that he will not do away Social Security. He says he’s going to cut off its funding and make it “better.” I’m not kidding. That’s what he says. 

I think he’s going to make it better just Mexico was going to pay for his wall. He’s going to fix Social Security just like he fixed health care. Like COVID-19 was going to go away. 

Trump is a demagogue. He lies because he gets a kick out of making you believe him. 

I believe that Trump is a psychopath. He doesn’t care about you. 

He doesn’t care if you die. 

Think about it. 

He running what are basically concentration camps right now. He’s locking undocumented immigrants up for years without charges or a trial. He’s taking people’s kids away from them, putting immigrants’ kids up for adoption, allowing mass rapes of prisoners, and ignoring doctors who perform mass hysterectomies on immigrant women against their will. 

He isn’t bothered by any of this. He’s doing it deliberately and the suffering he’s causing doesn’t faze him.

If he can do this to helpless women and little children, he can do anything to anybody. 

If he lets the whole West Coast burn down and refuses to do anything to help them, why do you think he will have compassion for you and your suffering?

He’s said he’s going to defund Social Security. 

Do you have a plan for what you will do without your Social Security? 

If Trump wins this election, you’re going to need one. 


Trump Payroll Plan Would Deplete Social Security by 2023.

Yes, Trump’s Proposed Permanent Tax Cut Would Gut Social Security By 2023


Here is Trump, bragging about ending the Payroll Tax. The Payroll Tax is what funds Social Security and Medicare. He says that the “Democrats would not even consider cutting it.” Of course they wouldn’t. Destroying Social Security is a Republican dream. Protecting it is what Democrats do.

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