I hope Trump Nominates Amy Coney Barrett. She Will Vote to Overturn Roe.

I hope Trump Nominates Amy Coney Barrett. She Will Vote to Overturn Roe. September 23, 2020

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I hope that Trump nominates Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court. Based on what I’ve heard about her from people who know her, I think that Judge Coney would vote to overturn Roe v Wade. 

We have five supposedly pro life justices on the Supreme Court. We were told that each of them in turn would vote to overturn Roe. That was the reason we were given for voting — on pain of our immortal souls — for perfectly horrible politicians who serve billionaire interests and have inflicted massive damage on this country. We put these corrupt slugs in power so that they would use the power we gave them to put Supreme Court justices on the high court who would vote to overturn Roe.

Five of the current justices have been vetted and vouched for. When their confirmations came up, we were bullied — as always, on pain of our immortal souls — into supporting their confirmation, oftentimes in the face of basic human decency. 

There was never any pro life validity to this bullying. A bad nominee, such as the attempted rapist Brett Kavanaugh, could have been pulled and another, better, nominee advanced. There was no reason, at least none involving the right to life of unborn children, for forcing Brett Kavanaugh down our collective throats. That was not pro life advocacy. It was an exercise in spiritual abuse and political hubris. 

There really isn’t any reason for forcing a justice down our throats now. We already have five hand-picked, vouched-for, “pro life” justices on the Court. We don’t actually need another one. 

However, if Amy Coney Barrett is nominated,  I think she will vote to overturn Roe. 

That will give us six “pro life” justices. 

I do not doubt that the Republican Senate is going to push through the confirmation of the person that Trump nominates and that they will do it as fast and mean as they can. It appears to be a foregone conclusion that they think Trump is going to lose this election and that they need to ram someone onto the Court now if they want the new justice to be a Republican nominee. 

All I can say about that is from their mouths to God’s ear. I desperately hope that, for the sake of this country and the whole world, Donald Trump is defeated in the upcoming election. I do not want to contemplate the horrors that await all of us if he wins. 

I believe without doubt that if Trump is not defeated in November, history will look back on this time in much the same way that it looks back on the burning of the Reichstag in 1933. They will see it as the beginning of a dark night for all of civilization. 

Fortunately, pro life people do not have to torture themselves over the question of how they will vote. We already have five hand-picked, Republican-appointed, supposedly “pro life” Justices on the Supreme Court. The upcoming confirmation of whomever Trump nominates will push that number to six. Six out of nine is a super majority. 

There is no reason to vote for Trump because of abortion. That deal is done. We won. 

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