It’s Not Every Day that a Person Gets a Chance to Vote Against Hitler

It’s Not Every Day that a Person Gets a Chance to Vote Against Hitler September 22, 2020

Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Kelly Minars

… we here highly resolve … that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. Abraham Lincoln

I voted today. 

I have never experienced voting as a holy act before. But today, I felt as if I was partaking in the sacrament of freedom. 

I considered voting straight party ticket. But I decided that I wanted the pleasure of marking each vote, one at a time. It’s not every day that a person gets a chance to vote against Hitler. 

I voted to close the concentration camps on the border, to end the crimes against humanity that are being committed there.

I voted against holding people in prison for long periods of time without charges and without giving them their day in court.

I voted against putting babies in jail.

I voted against taking people’s children away from them and putting them up for adoption.

I voted against mass rapes.

I voted against performing mass hysterectomies on prisoners against their will.

I voted against the Gulags, the concentration camps, the dastardly inhumanity instituted by the psychopathic demagogue at the top of our government. 

I voted against traitors and treason against this country. I voted against colluding with foreign powers to win elections. I voted against betraying America to a hostile foreign power who is waging a cyber war against this nation. I voted against a traitor to America. 

I voted against racism, race baiting, calls for insurrection and unembarrassed support for terrorists such as the KKK, Neo Nazis and armed civilian militias. I voted against using these terrorists to disrupt public discourse and destroy our democratic institutions.

I voted against open calls for sedition from the top of our government and the president’s media minions.

I voted for the elderly people who will lose their Social Security if Trump is re-elected.

I voted against constant, unremitting, arrogant lying and corruption. I voted against using the power of the presidency to enrich the president, protect his cronies and attack and punish his enemies. 

I voted against police state use of the Justice Department, which reaches into our courts of law to protect those who lie and subvert justice on behalf the psychopathic demagogue who sits in the Oval Office.

I voted for the people who lost everything in Hurricane Maria and were failed utterly by a president who only cares about himself. 

I voted for the people on the West Coast who have also lost everything and are facing cataclysmic fires without the support and aid from their federal government that Americans have always had before this monster took away our government. 

I voted for the people whose lives were forfeited to a lying liar’s constant lies about COVID-19. I voted for those who are left damaged by their battle with the virus and who may be facing a lifetime of disability — all because of an incompetent liar in the White House who thinks he is President of the Stock Market instead of President of the United States.

I voted for the women and girls who have been victims of this president’s sexual assaults. 

I voted for the many millions who will die if he is re-elected. I voted to stop his incompetence, corruption and indifference to human suffering from playing out to its full evil in the coming years. I voted to save America and the world from a monster.

It’s not every day that a vote matters so much. 

Trump is this century’s Hitler. He is the psychopathic madman at the head of a great industrial power who has more nuclear weapons than any other nation on earth. 

I prayed the whole time I marked my ballot today. I’ve never done that before. Never even thought of it. 

But today I participated in the holy sacrament of freedom. I voted. 

It’s not every day that a person gets the chance to vote against the Hitler of their century.

I hope and I pray that enough Americans will vote against this monster to save our country and our world. Because if Trump wins this election, hell will follow after and everyone, everywhere, will suffer. 

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