Trump Repeats His Threat to Discard Ballots. McConnell Tweets Uesless Platitudes.

Trump Repeats His Threat to Discard Ballots. McConnell Tweets Uesless Platitudes. September 24, 2020

Trump. Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Nina Reid

President Trump doubled down on the threat he made at a press conference yesterday to bring violence on this nation if he doesn’t win the election November 3.

He went on Fox News this morning and re-said what he already said yesterday. He spoke of the need to throw out ballots. He also focused on his plans to “win in the courts.”

Meanwhile, several Senate Republicans have tweeted platitudes in reply. Among them was this pile of useless drivel from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell:

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This same sort of puffery was echoed by Senator Susan Collins, who is well known for stringing people along in the Kavanaugh confirmation before voting exactly as Trump wanted, and Senator Marco Rubio. There’s no real point in producing their comments here. If you read one, you’ve read them all.

The only member of the Republican Congress in either house that I know of who has addressed the issue of the President of the United States saying flat out that he was going to have ballots discarded in order to obtain his victory that he would not promise to leave office peacefully if he loses, and that he would use the courts to win the election over the vote of the people is Mitt Romney. Here is what he said.

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There’s nothing particularly brave about this statement, but at least it does make it clear that Senator Romney has at least a passing acquaintance with his oath of office. His statement is a big step up from the bowl of warm spit that Collins, Rubio and McConnell served up

When it comes to matters of patriotism and integrity, the Republican Senate has exactly zero credibility. They have been Trump’s puppets from jump street. They betrayed this country and any pretense they might have to being serious public servants in the totally partisan and disreputable way that they conducted the Senate trial in the impeachment last spring.

They lied four years ago when they said that they were establishing a precedent that Supreme Court Justices may not be confirmed in election years. The moment they needed to put the many promises they made back then to the lie, they reversed themselves immediately, without shame and with no hesitation.

You can’t believe a thing they say.

Trump has incriminated Republican election officials in key states in what can only be described as a conspiracy to commit campaign fraud on such a vast scale that it rises to the level of a coup. There is no way he can make good on his threat to throw away millions of ballots without the organized cooperation of these officials. I think that’s what makes this a coup. I also believe that it is also what makes it a conspiracy to commit treason.

He has also incriminated the Supreme Court. His statements that he will “win the election in the courts” sounds to me as if he has worked out a deal with them.

By virtue of their determination to confirm a justice for him before the election — even if it destroys their own credibility to do it — the Republicans in the United States Senate have incriminated themselves.

This morning, Trump went on air again and repeated his statements from yesterday.

Maybe we should believe him.


From Yahoo News:

In an interview with Fox News radio on Thursday morning, Trump reiterated his refusal to commit to the results and again suggested the election would be determined by the Supreme Court.

“Oh, that I would agree with [the court’s ruling], but I think we have a long way before we get there,” the president said. “These ballots are a horror show.”


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