Trump’s Priests/Preachers/Bishops are Selling the Pearl of Great Price for a Plastic Political Decoder Ring

Trump’s Priests/Preachers/Bishops are Selling the Pearl of Great Price for a Plastic Political Decoder Ring October 19, 2020

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What does it profit a priest/preacher/bishop if they gain the world, but lose their own soul?

Jesus Christ, paraphrased.

Selling out Jesus Christ and the Gospels to Trump has led to a moral collapse among the American Christians whose leaders have misled them. This is why they’re turning to things like QAnon, why they approach Trump like he’s a messiah.

They’ve lost Jesus Christ. They are seeking God in all the wrong places because they no longer follow the real God. They are hardened against Jesus Christ and Him crucified. They are lost souls.

Clergy who sell their ministry, their witness, their vocation to Trump are selling gold for dross. They are trading the pearl of great price for a plastic political decoder ring.

There are Catholic priests and a few bishops who are every bit as much Trump’s whores as Evangelical preachers. They are the successors of the clergy who supported Hitler, Pinochet and Kagame. This does not mean that Jesus Christ is a lie. It means that some of His clergy are liars who misrepresent Him. It means that they are false shepherds.

It seems that some Evangelical preachers acknowledge what Trump is in private. But instead of acting honestly and with integrity on what they know, they lie and put on a false show in public. They flog their followers, using lies about the political situation to justify teaching people to slavishly follow this monstrous psychopath. They teach people to hate. And they teach them to worship an evil man as if he was god.

They teach their followers to ignore the Gospels and the Ten Commandments. They teach that the things Jesus taught Himself such as the Sermon on the Mount can be disregarded in the name of political expediency. They justify crimes against humanity committed against immigrants and demonize whole swaths of the population. They encourage racism, violence, misogyny and sexual assault. And they call this evil brew of satanic teaching “Christianity.”

They’ve sold their souls. Worse, they’ve sold the souls of their followers. And they are actually afraid of the monster they’ve empowered.

This election is American democracy’s goal line stand. Along with Putin, these whore preachers/priests/bishops put Trump in power. By using every bit of moral force their positions carry to coerce their followers to vote for him, they have set their imprimatur on every evil thing that he has done or will do.

They put him in power. If they succeed in holding him in power, he will trample the last barriers of institutional restraint that have held him back from absolute dictatorship.

After that, he will no longer need them. All they have to do is study how tyrants throughout history have treated their discarded whores to know what will happen to them next.


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