Trump and his Allies are Salting the Earth that Feeds Us.

Trump and his Allies are Salting the Earth that Feeds Us. January 4, 2021

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Nobody asks if tyranny and dictatorship can survive as a form of government. Despotic government, formed of human weakness and held in place by corruption and fear, comes straight from the depraved heart of our darkest impulses. It is a hydra-headed monster that never ceases to exist and never stops asserting itself, even in the midst of democracies.

On the other hand, democracy is seen as a fragile flower of sorts. Everyone accepts that freedom must be guarded, defended and carefully tended if it is to survive and flourish. The irony in this is that three of the greatest empires the world has ever known were birthed by free people. Ancient Greece, Rome and now, the United States of America, all derived their incredible vigor from the fact that their citizens were free people, fighting and building for themselves, acting in their own interests. 

Democracy is not fragile in the sense that it can’t compete. Democracy is actually the most competitive form of government we know. Its weakness lies in its success, in the slow accretion of comfort and excess that its successes create. 

This is followed in every democracy by the rise of a moneyed class who become predatory and then simply parasitical. America’s ills today, including the rise of Donald Trump and his evils, are to a great extent the result of the machinations of our amoral and parasitical billionaire class and their soulless greed.

At this point, other great democracies have forfeited their freedoms to a strong man. It is no accident that so many of Trump’s followers see him as a strong man. But that is wishful thinking on their part. Trump is a weakling, a liar, cheat and a bully who has failed at everything he ever tried. 

Donald Trump is a would-be tyrant who possesses none of the vigor and ability of a Phillip of Macedon or a Julius Caesar. Trump is a con, a gangster and the weakest man to ever dance across America’s political stage. His secret is that, due to generations of failed families, constant wars, drugs, false religious shepherds and constant propagandizing, almost half the American population is actually weaker and less centered than he is. 

They see this moral sewer of a man as a strongman, a Marvel Comics hero of a man, precisely because he is crude, amoral, dishonest, vicious and full of hate. That’s why Trump’s loathsomeness doesn’t bother his followers. They like that about him. They’re so weak, they think this is strength. 

This has come to the point that Trump is actively working to destroy our democracy by overturning the election that he lost, and these weak people are backing him. The truth is, Trump is not the only walking moral sewer in our nation. Many of our religious leaders and most of the people at the top of the Republican Party have shown themselves to be just as bad. 

We talk about them not having spines. But that isn’t the problem. The problem is that they’re just no good. They’re traitors. They are people who are so weak that they follow an abject braggadocio and moral zero like Trump. They really are the hollow men, following their straw god down to destruction. 

What Trump is doing is salting the American earth. He is salting the ground that feeds all of us. He is destroying the country that keeps us safe and lets us live good lives in freedom and peace. 

The ground that he is salting feeds our babies. The country he is destroying is our home. 

It is where we live. It has given us everything we have. 

If we let him do this, we will be the ones who are hungry.

We will be the ones who live in fear.

We will be the ones who lose everything. 

America is worth fighting for. 

America is worth defending. 

America is worth remembering the names of those elected officials who support Trump and retiring every single one of them to private life. 

America is worth abandoning whore religious leaders who have made a false god out of this vile man. 

America is a miracle. It is flawed, but no other country in history has done so much for so many. No other country has ever had the power America has wielded the last 80 years and used it so gently. We have not conquered empires. We have protected people all over the globe. We have raised the standard of living all around the world.

America has many faults. But we always work through them. 

Our fault right now is that so many of our people have become so weak that they will follow this nothing of a man to their own destruction because they think he is strong. 

We have to defeat Trump and his minions, absolutely and finally. They are not going to let us just win an election and just turn the page. They will keep bringing the war to us until they either destroy this country, or we put them down so hard that they cannot stand back up again. We have the job right in front of us of rooting them out and laying them down. 

Then, we must rebuild our people. Our poor, weak, lost American brothers and sisters who have become so weak that they will follow any dancing flea. People who would follow someone as obviously evil as Donald Trump have no judgement at all. 

But first, this week, we have the job of turning back the immediate challenge to our democracy. This vote to object to the certification of the electoral college vote is a direct attempt to overturn the November 7 election and install Trump as a dictator. It is not a game. 

Trump has called his thug armies of Neo Nazis to come to the nation’s capitol and enact violence. He has done this publicly. 

The next five days are going to be an interesting period in our nation’s history. And it is courtesy not just of the evil of Donald Trump and the corrupt clergy and politicians who back him. It is also due to the bottomless weakness of his millions of followers among We the People. 

You have to be very, very weak — weak minded, weak morally, weak spiritually — to follow an obvious self-serving monster like Donald Trump. 

We face a challenging few days. I don’t know the entirety of the challenges that will come at us after we get past the immediate problems Trump and his political toadies have thrown in our path. But  I do know that the work of rebuilding our nation and rebuilding our people is the job that lies ahead of us. 

Trump, his powerful enablers and his weak deluded followers, are working to salt the earth that feeds all of us. They want to lay waste the ground that feeds our babies.

We have to stop them. 

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