Have the Bishops Ever Met a Rapist they Didn’t Support?

Have the Bishops Ever Met a Rapist they Didn’t Support? May 8, 2024

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Have the Catholic bishops ever met a rapist they didn’t support?

There is one sin that breaks the authority of the bishops like a crystal vase shattering when it hits the floor. That sin is their sordid, obstinate, generational love affair with the sadistic sexual perverts who take pleasure in committing rape. 

Catholic bishops covered for, enabled and sometimes participated in the rape of the Church’s children in almost every diocese in every location all around the globe for as far back as we have investigated. They used the full power of their office, and the Church’s authority, political clout and international standing as a city state to do this, to cover it up and to keep on doing it. 

Even today, after the insincere “apologies” that were proffered with all the stuffiness and aggrieved put-upon-ness of a bunch of embarrassed house cats, news of bishops covering up abuse, blaming and shaming victims, and even committing such abuse themselves keeps cropping up. 

They’re not sorry. Just like every other guilty-but-not-sorry criminal, they’re just doing what they must to get out of the penalty box because they got caught. 

Why do I think this? Because they keep on doing it, right out in public and with every bit of arrogant bullying their pointy hats will allow. The difference is they are now doing it in the political sphere. 

The most glaring, but certainly not the only, example is Donald Trump. 

Everyone — and I mean everyone — has known that Donald Trump is a woman-hating, little-girl ogling, incest-teasing serial sexual predator for a long time. Trump went on tv in national broadcasts and “joked” about having sex with his own daughter before he ever ran for office. 

He insulted and degraded women verbally throughout his first campaign. We all heard the tape of him joking about physically pawing women. At least 26 women came forward and said that he had physically assaulted them. Almost all of the women didn’t even know Trump when he attacked them. 

He wasn’t talking about just putting his hand on a woman’s shoulder. And they didn’t say that is what he did. He was talking about ramming his fingers inside a woman’s vagina who he just saw in a bar or even, in once instance, when she was walking down the street. 

Now E Jean Carroll has finally taken him to court and he was found guilty of sexual abuse by a jury. They did not find him guilty of rape because New York law defines rape as a man forcing his penis into a woman’s vagina against her will and she testified that she wasn’t certain if Trump had used his finger or his penis. 

An appeals court made it clear: Trump had raped E Jean Carroll. 

Now, we’re hearing about his sordid sexual affair with a porn star and his pay-off to keep her quiet in order to allow him to win the 2016 election. Stormy Daniels testified in court about this yesterday. She said, among other things, that Trump told her she looked like his daughter, going back to his incest thing. 

Trump is a rapist. He’s a sexual pervert who hung out with Jeffrey Epstein and who jokes about wanting to have sex with his own daughter. 

But the bishops backed him as hard as they could during his campaigns for president. The bishops weren’t the only ones. We saw nuns in the kind of full habits that harken back to centuries in the past standing up at the National Republican Convention and speaking on behalf of this rapist. Father Frank (who has since been laicized) backed Trump right up to and including Trump’s coup attempt to make himself America’s first unelected dictator. 

I have been told a number of times that I can not be Catholic and am committing a “grave” sin if I do not vote for Trump. 

Is that what being Catholic is all about? Voting for Trump? Voting for a rapist?

That’s such ridiculous, bullying, insane crap, I have no words to describe it. 

The truth is that anyone who says that rape is ok is not — repeat NOT — speaking for Jesus Christ. They are speaking for satan. 

Let me repeat that. Anyone who tells you that rape is ok and that if you don’t vote for a rapist for president you are committing a “grave” sin or you aren’t a Catholic, is absolutely not speaking for Jesus Christ. They are speaking for and channelling satan. 

I won’t follow them, and you shouldn’t either.

That does not mean you have to leave the Church or stop believing in Jesus. Anyone who supports rape and rapists hasn’t got anything to do with Jesus. 

In its 2,000-year history, the Church has had popes who instructed faithful Catholics to burn “heretics” at the stake. Many of our Catholic bishops bowed down to Hitler. Pinochet had his whore priests, as did the terrorists who slaughtered Archbishop Romero. Putin has his Patriarch Karill, the Inquisition had Torquemada. All these examples had and have two things in common: 

1. These fallen bishops and priests were and are using their office on behalf of political power and 

2. They were and are speaking for satan, not Christ. 

Rape is a direct attack on Our Lady, on maternity. It is satanic. 

Catholic bishops aren’t the only Christian religious leaders who have sold out for Trump and the Republican Party. Almost the entirety of Evangelical Protestantism has pretty much expunged the Gospels and the Ten Commandments from their teachings on behalf of this man. 

You can’t be Jesus’ man and Trump’s boy, both at once. You can’t serve two masters. 

You can’t be a follower of Christ and a supporter of rape both at once. You either follow Christ, or you follow satan. And rape is satan’s direct attack on the life force that women carry and represent. 

You can’t be pro life and attack the life force of maternity at its source by supporting rape. You can’t do it. You can be anti-abortion. But anti-abortion that supports rape is just sadistic misogyny in its most raw and hate-filled form. It is just a clever satanic manifestation of the culture of death in a titillating disguise. 

Bishops who support rape and rapists hate women. They not only don’t care that women are raped, tortured and murdered, they support, defend, lionize and in this case, elect to the presidency, those who do these things. 

When Jesus hung on the Cross, He did it for women as well as for men. You can not hate and despise the female half of humanity without also despising the sacrifice of the Cross and without hating and despising the Image of God in which women were made.

Have the Catholic bishops ever met a rapist they didn’t support? 


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