Jesus-following clergy lead us. We need you.

Jesus-following clergy lead us. We need you. May 3, 2024


Christ driving the money changers out of the Temple by Valentin de Boulogne, source Wikimedia commons, public domain.

Being a superior is something I am very afraid of since I think having souls in one’s charge involves a lot of danger.
St Teresa of Avila 

So my sheep have been scattered without a shepherd and they have become easy prey for the wild beasts. Exekiel 34:5

Shepherding God’s flock, feeding His lambs, is a grave responsibility.

You bishops, priests, preachers of the Gospel, owners and managers of “apostolates,” “ministries,” workers in Christian and Catholic media have taken on yourself a grave responsibility. And that responsibility is not just for yourself. 

Black-hearted, self-seeking, phony-to-the-core bishops, priests, preachers and laypeople with their very influential ministries and apostolates on line and in the media have destroyed the voice of honest Christian witness in our public discussion.

Millions of people have been completely, totally, absolutely scandalized by the total disregard for the Gospels and the Ten Commandments and even basic decency that is being exhibited by the loudest and most dominating voices of today’s clergy and self-appointed spokespeople for Christianity. 

Those of you in ministry who are not bought and sold political whores need to stop being such mealy-mouthed weaklings and cowards. You need to speak out for the Gospel and for true Christianity morality. 

The Ten Commandments are not just something you use as a political club. It doesn’t matter if you force government to hang a plaque with the Ten Commandments on it at every court house if you, the clergy and the ministerial laity, stand passively by while a bunch of bribed charlatans preach that lying is ok, rape is fine, greed is good, violence is desirable and the way that leads to eternal life is through voting blindly for fascism, racism, misogyny and hatred. 

MAGA is evil right down to the ground. One of its worst evil fruits is the destruction of genuine and faithful Christian witness in American life today. 

So my sheep have been scattered without a shepherd and they have become easy prey for the wild beasts. Ezekiel 34: 5

People are leaving the churches because they do not find Jesus there. The clergy in today’s world are not teaching the Way the leads to Eternal life. They are not preaching Christ. 

You would have to be spiritually deaf dumb and blind to not realize that the Holy Spirit is not present in many of our churches. The reason, I think, is simple. The Holy Spirit has been kicked out of those churches by clergy who are leading their flocks away from the Cross and into what anyone can see is idolatry. 

These clergy have made a false god, a golden calf, of their right wing politics. And they are demanding that their followers bow down before it. 

It is a dangerous and awesome thing to take on responsibility for the souls of other human beings. Those who are called to this great work are required by God to do it honestly and with devotion, self-sacrifice and deep followership of Him every day in every way. Any clergy or lay minister who was spiritually alive would know that. 

Being a superior is something I am very afraid of since I think having souls in one’s charge involves a lot of danger. St Teresa of Avila

I believe with all my heart that if you turn to God with humility and honesty and a sincere desire to do His will, He will empower you to become what you are telling people you are: His minister to them, His conduit of grace and love to them. 

You may not — in fact you probably won’t — get rich if you truly follow Jesus and preach and teach the Gospels. 

You may not — in fact you probably won’t — be applauded and adored and become a clerical rock star. 

You may — in fact you probably will — lose all your old friends, and become the hate object for a whole lot of fallen clergy and power brokers in this world. Jesus drove the money changers out of the Temple and Jesus was crucified. 

We are at a break point in this country. We are teetering on the edge of falling from a great democracy into a fascist dictatorship. Much of this bad situation is due to the decades-long willing compliance with political evil on the part of sold out whore political clergy.

These political clergy preach death-dealing lies that deny the Gospels:

  • They deny the Lordship of Christ by belittling the Sermon on the Mount on behalf of the agenda of their extremist right wing political masters.
  • They deny Christian morality by refusing to apply the requirements of the Ten Commandments to right wing politicians.
  • They deny the saving grace of the Cross by preaching a manipulative, self-serving, totally fake gospel of ballot box salvation. 

These clergy are satanic. And they will not thank you for denying their golden calf political god. They will attack you. 

God told the people of Israel, I offer you today a choice between life and death. America is faced with the same choice.

And so are His clergy and ministers.

Clergy and ministers who are not sold out political whores, who actually want to teach and preach the Gospel and follow Christ and Him crucified, have been too weak, too passive, too quiet, for too long. For the love of God — for the love of God — stand up and lead. Speak out for the Gospel. 

We need you. 

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