Should You See “The Letters” Movie About Mother Teresa?

Should You See “The Letters” Movie About Mother Teresa? November 30, 2015

letters_Three of my sisters have reviewed the new movie about Mother Teresa, which makes me feel like I am off the hook because I don’t have much to add to their assessments of the movie, although I did appreciate Sr. Helena’s review because she had some critiques of the movie that I agreed with.

Anyway,  the movie is good so I suggest you see it and judge for yourself, but these three reviews might be helpful.

An excerpt from Sr. Helena Burns’ review:

The pace really needed to be stepped up. I felt that “The Letters” needed a lot of editing instead of the feel of everything unfolding in real time. Had the pace been snappier and the film unflinchingly edited, it could have accomplished much more and we would have a much better insight into who the private Mother Teresa was (perhaps even more quotes from her letters, more prayer times/work times where we could see/hear the devastation of her spirit manifested). Otherwise? This is a well-made film, capturing the spirit and spirituality of Mother Teresa (not turning her into a secular social worker).

Read the rest HERE.

An excerpt from Sr. Rose Pacatte’s review:

“The Letters” is a very close interpretation of the 2009 book “Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light” edited by the postulator of her cause for canonization, Brian Kolodiejchuk. Though the film was written and directed by William Riead the film seems to track the book closely. Both are biographical and historical and detail M. Teresa’s almost 60-year struggle with interior darkness through her letters (that she had wanted destroyed), something not easy to show on the screen.

Read the rest HERE.

An excerpt from Sr. Anne Joan Flanagan’s review:

A week from Friday a new movie about Bl. Teresa of Calcutta opens in theaters. You will definitely want to give this one your support. Not only is it a fine depiction of the life of a woman whose name is practically synonymous with “charity,” it will give you a really fitting start to the Jubilee Year of Mercy just a few days after the film’s release.

Read the rest HERE.

If you see the movie, let me know what you think!


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