Make a New Year’s Resolution for the Year of Mercy

Make a New Year’s Resolution for the Year of Mercy December 30, 2015
Photo credit: Anthony Quintano via / CC BY
Photo credit: Anthony Quintano via / CC BY

Are you interested in writing a New Year’s Resolution that fits in with the Jubilee Year of Mercy?

I have a blog post over at Aleteia that gives three questions you can ask yourself in order to write a merciful New Year’s Resolution.

Here is an excerpt:

I have found that when it comes down to it, my mercy toward others often sums up to being merciful toward others who are merciful to me, or toward those who can repay me in some way.

I try to reach out to the elderly sisters in the convent where I live. It is much easier for me to be kind to the sisters who smile and squeeze my hand than it is to reach out to the sisters who are more abrasive or needy.

I also have realized that…


Read the rest HERE.


Have other ideas for your New Year’s resolution?

What are some spiritual goals you have for 2016?

Please share your wisdom and ideas in the combox, I could use some inspiration!

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