Support Refugees: Buy Delicious Granola

Support Refugees: Buy Delicious Granola December 2, 2015

granolabarsI often go to conferences with books published by our sisters for Pauline Books and Media. I enjoy meeting all of the other wonderful exhibitors. At a conference I went to recently, I learned about the organization, Beautiful Day.

Beautiful Day supports refugees who have fled their countries seeking a better life. One way they support refugees is by providing jobs making granola with the Providence Granola Project.

From their web site:

One of our convictions is that refugees who desperately want to work should have that opportunity. Refugees don’t flee their homes and all they’ve known and loved in hopes of receiving a welfare EBT card. They want to work. Many of them have already endured the very worst the world has to offer. Some have spent decades in camps on their journey to America. For them, a job is a sign of arrival and belonging. A job means they can finally start supporting themselves and their families. Jobs lead to learning and cultural understanding. Jobs build confidence and improve mental health. Jobs open the door to integration.

From a recent newsletter:

We’re fortunate at Beautiful Day and the Providence Granola Project, because every day we–together with you, over 1,000 Americans in RI and across the country–see how refugees are giving back. Not only do they make the best granola you’ve ever eaten, but they enrich and strengthen our neighborhoods and communities. You’d be hard-pressed to find more courageous and resilient people. We’ve shared their stories here many times. We’re thankful that they’ve come here, not only to find safety from terror, but to become Americans.

If you are looking for a gift idea for Christmas, or any time of year, granola is a gift most people would appreciate (I know I would, yum!) and it helps out people in need.

Check this great organization out, and support them if you are able!


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