Take a Funny Break, Everyone Needs One

Take a Funny Break, Everyone Needs One January 27, 2016
Photo credit: basheertome via Foter.com / CC BY
Photo credit: basheertome via Foter.com / CC BY

I write in a lot of different genres. I’m not completely sure why I do this, but one reason is definitely for survival.

My latest piece “12 Steps to Becoming a Nun” over at Aleteia is just my usual attempt to survive the world of writing for the Internet with a smile on my face.

I just wrote two pieces on David Bowie’s death that received quite a bit of positive feedback from Catholic and non-church going folks. But I also received negative feedback, mostly from Catholics and atheists.

I usually need a funny break after dealing with so many people who take themselves too seriously.

From the hysterical and nasty tone of some of the comments on Facebook and in my combox, one might think that we were in the Situation Room at the White House.

Normal folks really can have differing opinions about serious topics without accusing others of either being complete bumbling fools, Hitler-sympathizers, or single-handedly responsible for the destruction of Western civilization.

Can you tell I am tiring of the drama?

Thank God I did not write about the foot washing debacle! (I still might do that in order to properly prepare myself for the penitential spirit of Lent…)

The funny thing is that while I don’t consider myself a comedian, it is my light-hearted pieces that get shared all over. At first that was irritating to me. I spend a lot more time on my pieces that are serious. But maybe it is just a sign that the rest of the world is just as tired of the constant drama and hang wringing as I am.

It is human to just sit back, relax and laugh with other people, even people we disagree with and with whom we don’t share a common political party, religion, or interests. I think we lose part of our humanity when we begin to take everything in life way too seriously.

So, anywho. If you need a laugh, like I did, you should run on over to Aleteia and read my latest piece. And if you have something to add, please feel free to comment in the combox.

Unless you are a killjoy, in which case I encourage you to visit the Atheist channel on Patheos.

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