What makes us Quakers? (Peter)

What makes us Quakers? (Peter) August 29, 2006

The recent discussion of Christian language (precious to some and toxic to others) feels like a single conversation, but it has been rambling over several different blogs. I’ve found myself writing much more on other people’s blogs than on my own this week.

Kwakersaur is trying to organize his thoughts about Quaker tolerance, laying down some of his basic assumtions to serve as a springboard for discussion. I’m hoping to engage him, not in a debate, but in speaking and listening deeply that may lead to some degree of unity between us, even standing as we do at near opposite poles on the Chritian language issue.

Lynn Gazis-Sax, on her blog Noli Irritares Leones (“Don’t annoy the lions”?) posted about God, language, and triggers. My response to her has begun to focus my thoughts on what all Quakers–different as many of us are–have in common.

Today was day two of a week of inservices before the students come back next Tuesday. I’ll try not to disappear from the blogosphere altogether, but if I do, that’s why.


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