And In My Other Life, I Am a Tree-Hugging Dirt Worshipper…

And In My Other Life, I Am a Tree-Hugging Dirt Worshipper… January 7, 2011

Over the past few years, I’ve become more and more concerned about the way I am part of a huge problem: the disrespect with which we humans treat the only home we’ll ever have: the earth.

Starting this past June, first alone, and then very soon after joined by Peter, I’ve been attempting to live a life as free from plastic waste as I can.  Plastic is not my only concern, but it was the initial spark–along with buying a house in the woods that I love better than chocolate itself–to make some increasingly important changes in my life.

I’ve written about that a bit here at Quaker Pagan Reflections, but for the most part, that story has been told elsewhere, at Chestnut House, a blog which is dedicated to following those changes specifically.

When I began the “plastic fast,” I did blog about it here.  But I’ve been keeping the two blogs separate, partly because not every post at Chestnut House is in keeping with what I’ve taken the mission of this blog to be (blogging “in the spirit of worship”), and partly because it has seemed to me that there may be those who are interested in the environmental information, but who are not interested in Peter’s and my spiritually-oriented posts here.

The Chestnut House anti-plastic project and blog have taken more and more of my focus and thought this year.  I think that’s fine… but it has left this blog a bit empty at times.  I’ve decided that it still makes sense to treat the two subjects separately, but, especially since the environmental concern really does seem to be rising from a spiritual root, I’m going to begin cross-posting the titles and a few photos from there over here.

If you look below, you’ll see I began with December–though it might have been more logical to begin with our Six Month Check Up post, where I gave an update on our plastic use for the first six months of that project.

Feel free to check that out, if you are so inclined.  Or, if you are not, I’ll just say that I will make it clear in the titles and tags for these cross-posted entries which are Chestnut House specific… and to run only a link and a bare description, so you can decide whether you want to visit, or not.
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