Why a former exotic dancer says its not up to Christians to say “go and sin no more.”

Why a former exotic dancer says its not up to Christians to say “go and sin no more.” October 28, 2014

Anny Donewald lived her young life in the spotlight. Her dad was a well-known college NCAA basketball coach.

When one of the players began sexually abusing Anny at the age of 13, part of her soul withered. She had been confident, athletic, and musical. By age 19, she was working as an exotic dancer and high-end prostitute.

Today she offers hope to girls and women who are, as she says, living in hell, through her nonprofit organization, Eve’s Angels. They don’t just stand outside strip clubs. They go inside and bring the light of freedom and love in Christ with them.

I had the privilege of interviewing Anny for the October issue of Christianity Today.

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In the course of our phone call I asked her what I thought many people, especially people of faith, might want to know: why does she come with gift bags, and buy pizza for the women and girls. Why doesn’t she insist that they “go and sin no more”? 

Here is what Anny said:

We certainly want to see women leave the industry. But when Jesus commands the adulterous woman in John 8 to “go and sin no more,” his word was creating a new reality in her. We have to remember that we don’t have that same power, and that should make us more cautious in how we speak.

It was a powerful experience, talking to Anny. You can read the interview here.

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