London Lives Matter 11 Times as Much as Syrian, Apparently

London Lives Matter 11 Times as Much as Syrian, Apparently March 23, 2017

The world was shocked (but was it, really?) yesterday by a brutal terrorist attack in London yesterday, when a man drove a car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, killing two people, before stabbing a police officer to death and finally being shot and killed.

Explosion in Kobane, 8th October 2014. Photo credit: quapan via / CC BY
Explosion in Kobane, 8th October 2014. Photo credit: quapan via / CC BY

Conservatives are in a tizzy that the attacker has an Arabic name, and liberals have taken to social media, as they are wont to do, to express condolences and grief at the victims.  As is the trend in cases like this, the British Union Jack has become a symbol of solidarity, superimposed onto memes and profile pictures across social media.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the London attack.  Interestingly, another terrorist organization recently committed a much more violent attack in ISIS-controlled territory in Syria.

I’m talking about the United States military, of course.  The three victims in London have completely overshadowed the fact that “the US-led coalition” in Syria recently bombed a school full of refugees hiding from ISIS, killing at least 33 people, including children.

Oh, but it’s okay, because the military is “investigating” the incident.

Where are the Syrian flags?  Where are the expressions of solidarity from liberals with the innocent victims of a terrorist attack perpetrated by the United States government?

Many people will be angry that I’m calling this a terrorist attack, but I want you to imagine how you would feel if a coalition of foreign governments bombed your children’s school, or a school in your neighborhood.  Would it matter to you if those responsible claimed they had done it in the interests of “freedom”?  After all, the US imprisons more people than any other country in the world, and in awful, inhumane conditions.  Maybe we deserve to be bombed.

In days long past, liberals would have been able to comfortably blame Donald Trump for atrocities such as this, but the reality is that the policies that led to this attack were put in place first under George W. Bush, and then continued and massively expanded under Barack Obama, hero to liberals everywhere.  Attacks like this became a fact of life for millions of people all across the Middle East during the Obama administration.

And liberals just ignored it, like they’re doing now.

I will not ignore it.  I will continue to stand for justice and righteousness, and point out the fact that our government is an evil, imperialist power with the blood of millions of innocents on its hands.  I will always contend that such a government is illegitimate, an enemy of freedom, and must be abolished.

People love to remind me in comments that “communism kills!”  But these same people have a litany of excuses for the horrendous, inexcusable, indefensible crimes of their own country.  These same people, many of them “good Christians,” love to point out the sawdust in their neighbor’s eye but never look to the blood-splattered plank in their own.

Everyone not in direct opposition to this system is complicit.  Everyone who cries for London but not for Syria is a perpetrator.  Everyone who thinks this system can be maintained is either deluded or profiting.

Trump wants to further liberalize the military’s drone policy, which will lead to more of these attacks in the future.  I used the word “liberalize” because I want everyone to realize there is nothing good about the word “liberal.”  Liberals let this happen, and have been letting this happen for years.

Don’t be a liberal.  The time for moderation is long past.  If you care about human life, if you want to truly oppose evil, oppose violence, oppose imperialism, it’s time to get up and get uncomfortable, just like Jesus did.

If you’re not a radical, you’re not helping.

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