Finish Line: Dispelling Fear, Finding Peace, and Preparing for the End of Your Life

Finish Line: Dispelling Fear, Finding Peace, and Preparing for the End of Your Life April 8, 2023

Less than six months after holding the hand of my beloved wife, Nanci, as she left this world, I read Robert Wolgemuth’s Finish Line manuscript, which included his account of his last moments with his wife Bobbie. Robert writes with an eternal perspective and a fatherly tenderness and understanding, reaching out his hand to you, the reader. I believe you will be touched and encouraged by this warm and insightful book.

Here’s more about it:

Facing your ultimate death can be scary, but in light of God’s promises, it doesn’t have to be. Finish Line provides practical and biblical help on topics such as finances, blessing others, end-of-life choices, heaven, and caring for those you leave behind so you can approach your own finish line with hope, joy, and peace.

It’s normal to have questions about how to face the last season of our lives well, and though we long to end our lives with grace and gratitude, sometimes we feel fear and uncertainty instead.

Robert Wolgemuth knows what it is like to face death, having lost his first wife of almost 45 years to cancer and battling cancer twice himself. Finish Line distills a lifetime of spiritual wisdom as Robert helps you:

  • Find true peace and reassurance about the end of life
  • Discover the things you can do to prepare those you love before you die
  • Understand the truth about heaven and what God has for his followers in the next life
  • Learn from people in the Bible about what crossing the finish line should–and shouldn’t–look like
  • Take care of specifics such as planning your funeral service, determining end-of-life issues, and preparing a will
  • Let go of physical, relational, and emotional clutter
  • Receive what God has for you in your final years

A rich guide for this season of your life, Finish Line offers unvarnished–even lighthearted–truth to comfort your heart, practical help to ease your mind, and a reminder of God’s promises to comfort your spirit so you can look toward your own finish line with both peace and hope.

In this short video, Robert talks about the death of his wife Bobbie:

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