For My 35th Birthday, I Wish For 35,000 Acts of Kindness

For My 35th Birthday, I Wish For 35,000 Acts of Kindness May 15, 2017

Today is my 35th birthday, the one I almost didn’t make it to see– because depression nearly took my life last June.

In celebration of LIFE in spite of and beyond mental illness, I’m making one “small” wish: 35,000 random acts of kindness done by family, friends, fans, strangers [aka friends I haven’t met yet].

In honor of depression awareness–and the fact I survived to see this birthday–please give the world the gift of your kindness today.

Small things count: encouraging words, smiles to strangers, buying a cup of coffee, sending a note of thanks.

We change the world one interaction at a time.

If you need ideas for ways to be kind, I have MANY listed here from the our November Gratitudeness project.

I can’t give you a money-back guarantee that being kind to a stranger (or loved one) will make your day, but kindness has made my day more times than I can count–so I guarantee it will make you smile to make someone else’s day.

Courage ON♡ Love, Rebecca

PS: If you do an act of kindness, please tell me in the comments!

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