A Field Guide to Losing Your Religion (But Not Your Soul)


                      Field Notes for the Journey A guest post by: Susan Gray Blue Growing up an earnest, evangelical fundamentalist, I wanted nothing more than to please Jesus. I eventually saw that man-made, God-themed blueprint of compliance for what it was: a limited view. So I un-converted myself. Like, all the way. I didn’t want to [Read More...]

Jesus Has Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome

Mount Tabor - Mount Tabor -Grotto of Transfiguration

Jesus was the original victim of Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome. Since I named this Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome thing, I’ve discovered that not only am I not alone; there are thousands–even millions– of people who have sustained spiritual injuries. But Patient Zero was Jesus. Think about it: Jesus did all the things we do when dogma stops making [Read More...]

50 Shades of Shame: “The Rules” of Modesty


When “Jesus” says the length of your skirt is a measure of your heart, body shame is unavoidable. Where there is unavoidable body shame, you’ll find rampant sexual shame. Where you find rampant sexual shame, you find women who think abuse is okay. That pisses me off. Kate Schell’s blog post Immodest Proposals: The Rules so perfectly encapsulates [Read More...]

Biblical Sexting: A How-To Guide


This Valentine’s Day, spice up your relationship the Bible way. Step #1: Open with a Biblical compliment Sweet The Lord is with thee, mighty man of valor. (Jud 6:15) You are a woman full of good works and alms deeds. (Acts 9:36) You are perfect and upright. (Job 1:1) Slightly racy Your lips are like [Read More...]

I’m in love my husband…and other people, too.


I’m going to talk about something that isn’t talked about, so if you’re squeamish, or have very recently fallen in love, please look away. I’m in love my husband, but I love other men, too. And women, for that matter. Not in a sexual way– not even in a romantic way. But in a goddam [Read More...]

A Response to the 10 Types of Women Christian Men Shouldn’t Marry


10 thoughts on the “10 Types of Women Christian Men Shouldn’t Marry” After reading the recent blog post “10 Types of Women Christian Men Shouldn’t Marry”*, my husband, Trent, exclaimed, “UGH! I’ve made a HUGE MISTAKE! You’re like every one of those things, almost, all in one! How did I go so wrong?”….Before dissolving into [Read More...]