Formerly Fundie asks: “Do you have Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome?”

Art by David Hayward

Written by Benjamin L. Corey, this post first appeared on his blog, Formerly Fundie.Do you suffer from church related trauma? This is a post for those who do, and those who don’t. Maybe the extent of your church trauma is having to sit through stuff like this:Or, maybe your church related trauma is a little more serious.When we were dating, one of the things my wife used to say that infuriated me was “I don’t like Christians”.“How can you not like Christians? That’s what you … [Read more...]

Archdiocese of Cincinnati: Just Say NO to Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS Association

ice bucket

This afternoon, WCPO in Cincinnati, Ohio, reported a story with the headline: Archdiocese of Cincinnati douses enthusiasm for ice bucket challenge in Catholic schools.According to the report, Archdiocesan staff in Cincinnati received a directive on Tuesday instructing that they not participate in the challenge as representative of Catholic schools. The directive was issued based on concerns over embryonic stem cell use in ALS research. It read:“If your school is planning an effort to r … [Read more...]

The Liberation of Sophia: Art that speaks

Entangled large

"Faith means moving forward by whatever means we can." -Julia CameronDavid Hayward’s (aka The Naked Pastor) book The Liberation of Sophia is an artistic rendering of his personal journey of spiritual transformation as told through the lovely, haunting, character of Sophia.As I read the book--which is laid out on oversized pages with poetry-like text on the left page and illustrations on the right—I felt like I was looking at some of the images from my own journey of spiritual hea … [Read more...]

Truth in the Grocery Aisle

I don’t give money to people on the street.On a good day, I give coffee, pizza, directions to the Urban Monk’s Mission (a place my husband and I support). I offer a sandwich, a coat, kind words, or—at the very least—a smile.On a bad day, when I’m rushing, worried, sick, impatient or just plain in a nasty mood—I avert my gaze and keep right on walking.I am not proud of this, but it’s true.Maybe I’ve become insensitive from years of downtown living. Maybe I’m just a mean person who … [Read more...]

A Bead And An [Interfaith] Prayer


This sweet little book arrived in my mail the week I was working on final memoir edits. Its arrival wasn’t only significant because all authors could use prayer beads during final edits--though I could argue this point!—but because throughout my journey through thirty religions before I turned thirty, I saw prayer beads everywhere.I don’t know how I survived nearly three decades of life thinking that only Catholics used prayer beads, but I was both surprised and pleased to discover the japa m … [Read more...]

Guest Post: My Surprisingly Peaceful Visit to Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber’s HFASS

A reminder that while churches can hurt, they can also heal. This guest post is by Tammy Pyron, a sweet, victorious soul, and a member of the awesome Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome Facebook group Moderator Team.Butterflies? Check. Sweaty Palms? Nervous Energy? Double-check!!I’m just SO out of practice with this sort of thing. Shit, we’re almost here. AAAHHHHHHHHHH! I get out of my compact and look myself in the mirror; I appear passable. *Smells armpits* I smell pleasant enough, too. … [Read more...]