How To Be Your Own Big Sister

I just left my weekly therapy appointment. It feels like someone has reached through my skin and twisted my insides. Sitting in my car, I take deep breaths and try to calm myself enough to drive, enough to go back to work. I tell myself An hour of digging the scariest, darkest closets of my [Read More…]

Name Your Dragon

Drizella Tremaine is Cinderella’s ugly stepsister on the right. When Cinderella manages to make a bow out of scraps, Drizella rips it off her head. When Cinderella and her magical mice piece together a gown from cast-offs, Drizella shreds it.When Cinderella finds and dusts off the one precious item she owns–her departed mother’s pearl necklace–Drizella [Read More…]

Election Survival: 9 Ways to Fast from Negativity and Save Your Sanity

If your sanity is suffering as Election Day approaches, I suggest a Negativity Fast–which is similar to a fast from food except far more pleasant because you give up toxic mental sludge instead of delicious pizza and ice cream. The basic idea of fasting is to abstain from worldly pleasures for spiritual purposes. With this [Read More…]

Angry About Election 2016? Read This.

Are you angry about Election 2016? Have all the debates–between the candidates on TV, coworkers at the water cooler, your family members & friends at dinner, and social media contacts/celebrities—made you want to throw the nearest potted plant at the television/ overturn the water cooler/ stick a fork in someone’s eye/ permanently disconnect your Internet service? Are [Read More…]

Bending Into Brave

It hurts in your center today. It hurts so much that you have to bend over when you sit, cross your arms when you walk–like you’re trying to protect yourself from someone– but you can’t, because that someone is you. “It hurts too much,” the pain says. “There is no hope,” the depression shouts. “Life [Read More…]

Stop Should-ing on Yourself

By Guest Contributor extrodinaire Alece Ronzino, a great idea as we enter the New Year! I’ve been should-ing on myself most of my life. Growing up, I was the all-American good girl. I did well in school. I went on mission trips. I moved to Africa as a missionary when I was 19. I did everything “right”. [Read More…]