I Am Capable of Torture…And So Are You


We all are all horrified about the C.I.A.’s ‘Torture report’.We are all shocked at the brutality in the name of country, and the pain inflicted in the name of safety.We are also all capable of those acts—and worse.Though I believe we can and should judge the system critically to analyze what and how went wrong, we also need to recognize that it could have been any one of us in the role of Torturer.“Oh no, not me!” I can hear you think…because it’s what I think, too. I’m strong-wil … [Read more...]

A Poem for Survivors


You are closer than you know More capable than you dream And more grace-filled than you dared believe.That which could not kill you Has not only made you stronger: It has also made you softer In beautiful ways. So take all that grit and bend Align it with the winds Of change headed your way. Knowing that the path Already laid before you Will be better as you walk it This day.Every once in a great while I wake up with a poem running past, and I have to grab a pen (or a phone!) … [Read more...]



I use this hashtag in my correspondence every time I mention a Really Audacious Goal. Since I have a whole bunch of Really Audacious Goals when it comes to this whole writing thing, our team sees #NoSmallDreams A LOT.#NoSmallDreams is intended to remind everyone, especially me, to ignore “the odds”--because in my heart of hearts, I really don’t believe in odds: I believe that Hard Work + Divine Alignment= Miracles.(Please don’t be impressed by my “faith”. I feel this way because I’ve expe … [Read more...]

What Dancing Badly Taught Me About Faith


I am not a dancer. This is not the blithe claim of a former cheerleader ---no. I failed out of first-grade jazz class. If judges were to grade my dancing ability like the Olympics, they would need signs featuring negative numbers.How then, did I end up in the Cincinnati Ballet’s practice room one Saturday morning at 11am, surrounded by people who can touch knee to nose while standing upright?Good question.I’ve been telecommuting and so sedentary that I make a paralyzed iguana look ene … [Read more...]

Happy Thoughts


When I was fifteen, I bought a journal and a set of brightly-colored markers with money I’d earned babysitting the kids down the street.On the first page, I wrote the heading: “Rebecca’s Happy Thoughts”, then I began making a list of everything and everyone that made me happy. It went something like this: #1. Sunsets #2. Mom #3. Blowing bubbles #4. Chocolate #5. The beach...I carried that journal and the journals that would follow it around for the better part of four years, eventually re … [Read more...]

Healing Spiritual Abuse with Creativity: A Journey in Music, Dance, and Ditching the “Box”

A guest post by Jaime Marich, Ph.D.I didn’t receive messages growing up that dancing was bad. I’ve heardmany people brought up in rigidly religious legalism share that they wereraised with this belief; it was not my experience. Both of my parents wererigidly religious in their own ways—my mother a Roman Catholic and myfather a devout Evangelical Christian (he left Catholicism when I wasfive). Even though both drove me nuts with their convictions, I creditboth of my parents for fostering my in … [Read more...]