Stop Should-ing on Yourself

By Guest Contributor extrodinaire Alece Ronzino, a great idea as we enter the New Year! I’ve been should-ing on myself most of my life. Growing up, I was the all-American good girl. I did well in school. I went on mission trips. I moved to Africa as a missionary when I was 19. I did everything “right”. [Read More…]

Podcast Sunday: Kathy Escobar’s FAITH SHIFT (A #1 PTCS resource!)

When I say they should sell Kathy Escobar’s Faith Shift with PTCS as a boxed set, I’m not even kidding. It is the first resource I send people to when they ask me, “What now?” So I am delighted that on this week’s #PodcastSunday Mark catches up with Kathy to talk about spiritual injuries and [Read More…]

#Podcast Sunday: Paul Young, Author of THE SHACK, on EVE

In this installment of Podcast Sunday, Mark talks with Wm. Paul Young, author of The Shack, about his latest work Eve. Paul has navigated and overcome deep pain and trauma in his own life, so he brings wisdom to the question: “What does it mean to be a person of faith in the midst of loss?” He shares a few [Read More…]

It’s Called Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome and Yes, It’s Real

If there’s one thing I know the power of, it’s a name. For the better part of a decade I suffered from a chronic mystery illness that was attacking me from the inside out. Countless doctors and specialists couldn’t diagnose me, couldn’t give me a name for what was happening. They told me it was [Read More…]

The Miracle of Detachment

For me, strange coincidences are real life, unexpected miracles and occur when we allow intuition and openness to intertwine in the most intricate of ways Post by Guest Contributor Julie Cline I was traveling on business last week to Jersey City, NJ for a full day meeting that started at 8am; then into New York [Read More…]

Podcast Sunday: Doug Pagitt

This week’s Podcast Sunday features Doug Pagitt: leader of the Emergent Church movement, pastor, author, and convener. Doug seeks to be a goodness conspirator & possibility evangelist who finds reative, entrepreneurial and generative ways to enlist people to join in the hopes, dreams, and desires of God for the world. He is the pastor of Solomon’s Porch in Minneapolis (a place I have [Read More…]