My Favorite New Thanksgiving Tradition

My Favorite New Thanksgiving Tradition November 27, 2014

It’s 4:00 on Thanksgiving Day. The dinner has been eaten. The pies are about to be. The boys are washing the dishes, and most of the adults are watching football. In a couple of hours, the women/girls are out of here.

We don’t get together as often as we’d like, and while we’ve spent the past 24 hours together, most of it has been spent cooking. While the men have gotten to hang out and enjoy each other since yesterday, we’ve talked mostly about the work at hand. While we enjoy the holiday prep together, we’d like something a little more relaxed.

Which is why this evening at 7:00 the First Annual Frech Ladies’ Post-Thanksgiving Pajama Party will begin!!!!!

We’re checking into a hotel for an evening of chick flicks, hanging out, hot tub, and laughter. While our husbands/sons/brothers tuck the babies into bed and get the house back into shape, we’ll be playing.

This new holiday twist began with my father-in-law who suggested that we should just relax and do nothing all afternoon. My mother-in-law looked at me with a twinkle in her eye and a mischievous smirk, and that was all it took. We’re booked into a room down the street, giddy with excitement, and already thinking ahead to what we can do with this brand-new tradition next year.

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