You’re Invited to Simcha’s {virtual} Baby Shower!

You’re Invited to Simcha’s {virtual} Baby Shower! January 9, 2015

Have you heard? Amazing blogger, and cute baby maker extraordinaire, Simcha Fisher is having another baby! I’m thrilled, because people who have cute babies should have more cute babies. (We need more sassy girls like Irene and Benny, they just make the world a better place!)

While little Fish #10 doesn’t yet have a name, her mom is already training her in the ways of the family business!

If we lived anywhere near the Fisher clan, I’d be throwing them a big ol’ baby shower. Since I don’t, I’m throwing them a virtual shower instead!

Photo by Modern Posh Design, the cool and creative people I hope to grow up to be

Isn’t this table gorgeous? It’s exactly how I’d decorate for Simcha’s shower if I were at all craft, or brilliant, or had time for Pinterest. Can you please just imagine that I’m capable of this level of awesome hostessing? Thanks.


When I asked her what she needed for the new baby, I was met with the stunned silence that’s so common to moms-of-many-who-are-expecting-another that says “Oh…right..I’m having a baby. I should probably plan something for that.” Eventually she answered “Ummm…We need a name and…I don’t really know.”

Whatever. That’s not a problem. Pregnancy brain happens to all of us by the third trimester.

In the end, she mentioned wipes, diapers, easy dinners, and a few minor things…so I said how about if anyone wants to give you a gift, they just put it into your PayPal account? She thought that sounded great, so if you’re so inclined, here’s the link:

( – for the PayPal)

With gifts taken care of, I thought – What’s a baby shower without a game?

We’re playing


Simcha says she needs name suggestions,  so let’s fill up the combox with fun and interesting baby girl names. You’ll get imaginary bonus points for Catholicity and/or literary references, and I’ll let her pick her favorite one on Friday. There’s even a $15 Starbuck’s gift card for the winner!

Finally, what’s a baby shower without alcohol? (I think it’s a requirement, don’t you?)

image by Nonie via Wikimedia Commons


I’m drinking a Peppermint Patty, and toasting the newest Fisher Girl! Why not join me?

Peppermint Patty


  • Milk
  • Hot chocolate powder, such as Ghirardelli or Sea Salt Caramel from Target (I know how to live big!)
  • Rumple Minze or Peppermint Schnapps
  • Whipped Cream


  1. Make your hot chocolate according to instructions on the package
  2. Add a shot of liqueur
  3. Top it with whipped cream


You can fill your cup with Peppermint Scnapps and add a shot of hot chocolate. I don’t judge.


Thank you for stopping by Simcha’s {virtual} Baby Shower! Please make sure to leave her a message in the guest book (comment box) and then add a baby name…or ten!



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