March 26, 2023

Jesus was Jewish.  It is a subject neither Christianity nor Judaism like to talk about. However, the facts remain that, both in his genetics and his teachings Jesus was  Jewish. Genetically Jesus was Jewish Genetically, we know that Jesus was the son of Mary. His paternal line is of course up for debate, but does that even matter when Jewish heritage is traced through the mother? We know that Marry was Jewish.  She descended from Father Abraham and  was of... Read more

March 23, 2023

When others think about living under “The Law,” Jewish Law that is, they think of oppression. This is the trick modern Christianity has played on the world, convincing them that the law was oppressive but Christianity offers grace. In fact, Jewish law was meant to protect its people, and because we don’t follow Jewish law today we see many problems occurring within our health and world. In a time when their neighboring tribes had a life expectancy of 30ish, Jewish... Read more

March 18, 2023

The Torah is not against homosexuality. Rather, the Torah is against idolatry. You may be thinking but Leviticus 18:22  says, “A man should not lie with a man as he lies with a woman.”  Does it though? When we look at the Torah in it’s original language and within the time frame it was written, the message is not so clear.  In this article, we will explore what The Torah does and does not say about homosexual relationships. Leviticus in... Read more

March 11, 2023

Your relationship with G-d determines your children’s future. Even if your children stray from the path, your relationship with G-d can protect them and earn them blessings. Likewise, your contempt for G-d can bring down punishments on your children. For this reason, is it important to be diligent and loyal in our walk with G-d, not only for ourselves, but for our children’s future. We see G-d save a child because of the parent’s loyalty many times, throughout The Torah.... Read more

March 5, 2023

A 17 year old girl has been ordered to pay $150,000 to the family of her rapist. Pieper Lewis was only 15 when she was raped repeatedly by a man. The last time, she was taken to the man’s house at knife point. The man then drugged her and raped her. When she awoke and discovered he had raped her again, she stabbed him to death while he slept. Now 17, she is being ordered to pay the family of... Read more

February 26, 2023

A big debate in the United States, at the moment, is whether abortion should be legal. Sadly, much of the debate has hinged on religious beliefs. Christians in particular continue to vote against legal abortion, because they believe not to do so is a sin. However, passing such laws violates the religious freedoms of other groups, such as Jewish women, and  there is very little in the Biblical text to support their idea that abortion is a sin.  In fact,... Read more

February 24, 2023

Topics that are  often avoided within the study of Theology are the gender and sexuality of G-d. How absurd that we should avoid talking about G-d’s sexuality when she/he speaks openly about it . All through out the Biblical text, again and again, we see that G-d has a sexual nature. We need to thoroughly explore this sexuality, in order to better understand and be compassionate to the various genders and sexualities of our fellow humans. G-d’s Gender Gender of... Read more

February 21, 2023

Because of the wide reach of Christianity and Paul’s teachings, it is widely believed that women should not teach men and that a woman should obey her husband.  However, there is little Biblical Evidence for this, especially for Jews. The Torah is full of strong empowered women. Eve Eve, who is never told directly by G-d but only by her husband that they should not eat of a certain tree, takes a fruit from the tree and eats. It is... Read more

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