TBN Announces Year-Long Docu-Series The State of Faith

TBN Announces Year-Long Docu-Series The State of Faith March 9, 2018

Following the introduction of Huckabee and Mike Rowe’s Somebody’s Gotta Do It, Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) continues to move for younger viewers by announcing The State of Faith, an ambitious new docu-series about the state of Christianity around the world. The series will, through modern biblical scholars and historical accounts, trace how the gospel multiplied from Jesus’ followers to the more than 2 billion followers on the earth today.

The State of Faith is premiering in January 2020 from Trinity Broadcasting Network. Image courtesy of Icon Media Group.

“Visually, this is going to be Blue Planet meets National Geographic’s The Story of God with Morgan Freeman,’” TBN Chairman Matt Crouch said in a statement.

The State of Faith is set to premiere in January of 2020 and run throughout the year, with a total of 50 hours of broadcast content. TBN will use remote programming, live broadcasts and edited packages in the series development. It will also include commentary and research from Museum of the Bible scholars.

“We aim to reveal the impact Christians and the message of hope and grace have had over generations—from the biggest cities in the world to the most remote villages,” said Crouch. “The Gospel went from being spread on foot by Jesus and His disciples to being sent out at light speed to all four corners of the globe via satellite. That’s a truly remarkable story worth telling!”

The State of Faith will examine the social, economic and historical significance and impact that the spread of Christianity has had on the world.

“Pop culture has been defining Christianity for years; ‘The State of Faith’ has a chance to be intellectually and emotionally honest about our true ‘place in the world,’” said Crouch. “This is an opportunity for us, as Christians, to appreciate our wins, learn from our losses, and be inspired by what can come next.”

The regions planned for the documentary include the Eastern Mediterranean, China, North Africa, Southern Europe, the Caribbean islands, Southeast Asia, Israel, South Africa, Brazil, United Kingdom and Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific, Russia/Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Latin America, Central Africa, India, Central Asia, North America, and Philippines/Indonesia/New Guinea.

For more information visit www.thestateoffaith.tv.

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