Stars of ‘God’s Country Song’ Talk Faith, Fatherhood, and Good Music

Stars of ‘God’s Country Song’ Talk Faith, Fatherhood, and Good Music July 7, 2023

Justin Gaston and Justene Alpert, who star together in the new PureFlix film “God’s Country Song,” recently opened up about their transformative experiences on set and it’s inspiring themes of redemption, self-discovery, and the power of faith.

God’s Country Song image courtesy of Pure Publicity.

Reflecting on the memorable moments from the set, Gaston noted the remarkable camaraderie among the cast and crew, describing it as a true team effort.

“It was clearly like a team when we stepped on site,” Gaston said. “Everyone was so kind and willing to help each other. We found joy and humor in everything we did.”

As the film revolves around a young man trying to make a mark in the country music industry, the film appropriately held its premiere in Franklin, Tennessee. Gaston and Alpert commended the musical compositions by Andy and Melissa Sheridan, highlighting their skillful job in crafting the film’s songs. Alpert noted, “The music is phenomenal. They co-wrote the songs with some other people, but I think they really did a great job. Everyone should be really proud.”

When asked about the significance of the film’s title, “God’s Country Song,” Gaston explained, “God is the author of all creation and is in everything and, and, at least for me,I try to infuse him in every song. This is Noash going on this journey, and dealing with life and trauma and addiction and joy and highs and lows and like, and realizing what’s important in life and ‘What is what is the song that God is writing over Noah’s life?’ For me, that’s sort of what it means

Alpert elaborated on her character’s role in the film, emphasizing the importance of love, guidance, and approaching life with grace. “It’s a beautiful reminder of how to lead in your life, giving grace, never losing hope, having faith, and approaching everything through love,” she said. Leanne serves as a gentle guide for Noah, epitomizing the values that all individuals should strive to embody.

In the film, while trying to carve out a place in the industry, Noah also is thrown headfirst into being a father while struggling with a very estranged one with his own. This common struggle of trying to do better than the previous generation is explored through his character.

“I think strong fathers are just so, so important… we’re losing that by the day,” Gaston said. “This movie is a great reminder, because you see it from so many different aspects. You see it generally generationally from Noah and his father, to Him sort of adopting JJ and finding out how he’s going to be a father to him. You can sort of see the generational effects that a father can have the decisions that a father makes, how they affect his son and his sons and daughters and thoughts. I think the family unit is just so important. And I think this movie does a good job of showing that.”

“God’s Country Song,” directed by Johnny Remo (“A Letter to Dad,” “Like a Country Song”) and starring Justin Gaston, Justene Alpert, Coffey Anderson, and Muriel Hemingway, is now playing on PureFlix.

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