Lucas Black Saddles Up for New Faith-Based Western ‘Birthright: Outlaw’

Lucas Black Saddles Up for New Faith-Based Western ‘Birthright: Outlaw’ October 12, 2023

Lucas Black, known for his roles in on “CSI: New Orleans,” “Sling Blade” and “Legacy Peak,” saddles up on a new adventure, starring in the new faith-based western “Birthright: Outlaw,” premiering on Great American Pure Flix this month.

Lucas Black stars in “Birthright: Outlaw.” Image courtesy of Great American Pure Flix

The film offers a unique twist for Christian films, spinning a tale of redemption on the background of the Old West. Black stars as Jeremiah Jacobs, whose family becomes the target of a criminal gang. As the father and the town reverend, Jeremiah faces a pivotal moment where he chooses to stand up and fight for his marriage, family, and daughter, infusing a strong faith element into the narrative.

“It’s an amazing story about God’s transformative love,” he said. “It’s full of faith, family, devotion. I love that it’s a western and it’s faith-based.”

Black, who began acting as a child on films such as “The War” and “Sling Blade,” is passionate about making movies that point people in the direction of God. He believes this film can bridge the gap between predominantly female audiences and engage more men.

“I really think hopefully, the man out there can resonate with it, that we have, we kind of have that innate trait that God has given us to protect and provide for our families,” he said. “My character has to do that in a way even it makes him uncomfortable. But that’s what he chooses to do.”

When asked about his affinity for Westerns and working with horses, Black’s roots in rural Alabama are evident. He grew up watching classics and still enjoys “Gunsmoke” with his family. His experiences include riding horses from a young age and even wrangling cattle in Alabama. The gritty, survival-focused elements of “Birthright: Outlaw” in the desert add a unique dimension to the film.

In addition to Sarah Drew, who stars as Martha Rose Jacobs, the movie also features familiar faces such as Jeff Fahey, whom Black had previously worked with on “NCIS New Orleans,” and longtime character actor Tom Proctor.

“It was good to reunite and connect with Jeff,” he said. “And Tom, he was fun to get to know. I actually texted him this morning. We had some great conversations. And he’s a good dude.”

Beginning with his film “Seven Days in Utopia” and then “Legacy Peak,” Black has made the shift toward faith-based entertainment. For him and his wife, the new direction is an answer to prayer. After leaving “NCIS New Orleans,” he and his wife took a year off to rest and pray about their next steps. During this time, Black met Pastor Eric Ludy, who introduced him to a script that resonated with him. After reading it, Black felt drawn to the project, which would become the film “Legacy Peak.” After “Birthright: Outlaw,” his next role is in the upcoming Kingdom Story Studios film, “Unsung Hero,” marking three projects in a row.

“God orchestrated this transition,” he said. Now even in the middle of the actor’s strike, which hasn’t affected him much, he expressed a desire to continue this new path. “I’m waiting for another project like this with good content, good, wholesome content to come along. I’m just trusting God what he’s got planned next for me.”

“Legacy Peak,” directed by Aaron Burns and starring Lucas Black, Sarah Drew, Jeff Fahey, Tom Proctor, Olivia Sanabia, and Janine Turner, premieres tomorrow on the Great American Pure Flix streaming platform.

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