Releasing New Single ‘Blessed,’ Kevin Quinn Expresses Gratitude for Sharing His Faith Through Music

Releasing New Single ‘Blessed,’ Kevin Quinn Expresses Gratitude for Sharing His Faith Through Music November 3, 2023

Actor and music artist Kevin Quinn who appeared in the Disney series “Bunk’d” as well as the Netflix faith-based musical “A Week Away,” released his latest single, “Blessed,” today through Capitol CMG. The Christian pop single is the lead from his forthcoming full-length project arriving early in 2024, the follow-up to 2022’s “It’s About Time.”

Kevin Quinn image courtesy of Capitol CMG

Quinn revealed that “Blessed” was written two years before the rest of the project, during a different chapter of his life. The song, created in collaboration with fellow artists, Shawn Cook and Sam Rivera, reflects feelings of gratitude for the little things in life and acknowledges the importance of appreciating the present moment.

“We wanted to write something upbeat, fun, light, but still speaks to the tone of the room that we were feeling that day, which is we were just grateful to be there and be together,” he said. “And it was a beautiful day, we were grateful to be alive. And it’s just the little things like that where we were feeling blessed for those little things.”

The music, he said, leans into pop, which is “who I am,” staying true to his influences, while remaining centered on his faith.

“It’s an entry point to have a crossover project like mine, that sort of leads the way into these themes, and it’s clean, it’s inspired, it’s faith based,” he said.

Quinn’s Christian faith has always been a part of who he was, although not every role gave him an opportunity to showcase it like “A Week Away Did.” Music, he said, is the one way he knows that he’ll be able to express it freely. He teased two films coming up, one a thriller and the other another faith-based project with “a beautiful script,” but ultimately he fulfills the role he’s been assigned.

“That’s why I love the music because I can speak that truth of my faith,” he said. “And it is the one creative outlet I have that I don’t even really have with acting all the time, depending on whether or not it’s a faith based film.”

Following “Blessed,” Quinn will release “I’m Not There Yet,” an honest, vulnerable track about his own struggles.

“For me it’s a message that I’ve been struggling a bit with mental health lately,” he said. “And it’s something that can be a bit taboo of a conversation, but at the same time, I think we all can relate. And we all have our own experience with it to an extent. So, I want to like de-stigmatize it a bit and share about it in my music, like, overcoming some of the struggles, and I’m not there yet is basically talking about all the progress I’ve made. But I’m not there yet. And that’s okay. Maybe I’ll never be there. It’s a lifelong journey.”

Knowing the mental health crisis so many are facing, Quinn explained his own nonprofit that will address it head on: “With my voice and being somewhat of a public figure and having shared about it in my music and being open about it with press and things like that, maybe there’s a way that I can give back in the mental health community. I had this idea to create a 501 C three mental health nonprofit. So, I’m actually in the process of developing that alongside my music and acting career. But I’m hoping that it can come together and that I can make a difference in the community.”

“Blessed” from Kevin Quinn is now available from Capitol CMG.  “A Week Away” (a personal favorite of Reel Faith’s DeWayne Hamby – see the video below), is available to stream on Netflix. 

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