Colton Dixon on Faith, Entertainment, ‘County Rescue’ Series

Colton Dixon on Faith, Entertainment, ‘County Rescue’ Series March 6, 2024

Singer Colton Dixon, known for his chart-topping Christian music hits like “Build a Boat” and “Miracles,” will be seen in a cameo appearance in the new Great American Media Show “County Rescue,” highlighting the growing trend of faith-based entertainment infiltrating mainstream media.

Colton Dixon appears in episode three of “County Rescue.” Image courtesy of Great American Media.

In an exclusive interview, Dixon shared his thoughts on his guest appearance and the importance of infusing faith into entertainment content.

“I was thrilled to be a part of ‘County Rescue,'” Dixon expressed. “It’s refreshing to see faith-based themes being woven into mainstream television shows, reaching a broader audience with messages of hope and redemption.”

Dixon’s cameo role, which follows the lives of first responders in a rural community, allowed him to integrate his faith seamlessly into the storyline.

“Being on set was an incredible experience. The cast and crew were welcoming, and it was evident that the show’s creators are intentional about incorporating faith elements into the narrative,” Dixon remarked.

Faith-based entertainment has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, as audiences seek wholesome content that reflects their values. Dixon believes this trend is a testament to the desire for meaningful storytelling in the entertainment industry.

“People are hungry for content that speaks to their hearts and uplifts their spirits. ‘County Rescue’ does just that by showcasing the selflessness and bravery of first responders while highlighting the power of faith in overcoming challenges,” Dixon emphasized.

Dixon’s involvement in “County Rescue” aligns with his personal mission to inspire others through his music and platform. As a devout Christian, he sees entertainment as a powerful tool for spreading messages of faith and hope.

“Entertainment has the ability to transcend barriers and reach people in ways that traditional avenues may not. By incorporating faith into entertainment, we have the opportunity to touch lives and make a positive impact on society,” Dixon reflected.

The integration of faith-based themes into mainstream media reflects a cultural shift towards more diverse and inclusive storytelling. Dixon believes that this trend will continue to grow as audiences crave authentic and uplifting content.

“Faith is a universal language that resonates with people from all walks of life. As creators, we have a responsibility to use our platforms to inspire and encourage others,” Dixon concluded.

“County Rescue,” starring Julia Reilly and Riley Hough alongside co-stars Percy Bell, Kristin Wollett, Brett Varvel, Stacey Patino, Tim Ross, Keller Fornes, Angel Luis, and Curtia Torbert, releases a new episode every Friday on the Great American Pure Flix streaming platform. Dixon’s appearance in episode three will premiere Friday, March 8 on the streaming service and March 11 on the Great American Family channel.

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