‘Chosen’ Actress on New Film ‘Forty-Seven Days With Jesus’

‘Chosen’ Actress on New Film ‘Forty-Seven Days With Jesus’ March 6, 2024

In the new Easter-themed release, “Forty-Seven Days With Jesus,” the narrative of a disconnected family finding hope and unity through Jesus’ final days on Earth is beautifully interwoven for maximum impact. Actress Catherine Lidstone, known for her role as Mary from Bethany in the series “The Chosen,” shared insights into her involvement and the profound themes of family connection in the movie.

Catherine Lidstone stars in ‘Forty-Seven Days With Jesus.’ Image courtesy of Fathom Events.

Lidstone’s journey into the project began with an audition request while she was traveling. Reflecting on the script, she noted the unique approach to a common situation, where a family navigates through challenging times, finding solace in the Gospel story. “I love being able to tell those stories in a family-friendly manner and explore the beauty of music through that storytelling,” Lidstone said, highlighting the film’s emphasis on accessible storytelling for all ages.

Filming “Forty-Seven Days With Jesus” proved to be an enriching experience for Lidstone, particularly in forging connections with her co-stars, including Yoshi Barrigas, whom she hadn’t met despite both being part of “The Chosen” series. “We had a blast,” Lidstone recalled, emphasizing the joyous moments shared amidst the challenges of production, such as overcoming illness and unexpected hurdles.

Set against the picturesque backdrop of a ranch in Santa Barbara, the filmmaking process became an adventure for the cast. Lidstone reminisced about exploring the local attractions, from visiting an ostrich farm to learning polo, enhancing the sense of camaraderie among the team. Despite the occasional setback, the filming journey was marked by resilience and a shared commitment to delivering a compelling narrative.

As “Forty-Seven Days with Jesus” reaches audiences through Fathom events, Lidstone hopes viewers will resonate with the themes of forgiveness and compassion portrayed in the film. She believes the story’s relevance to contemporary challenges, coupled with the timeless message of the Gospel, offers a profound opportunity for reflection and introspection.

The seamless integration of the Gospel narrative within the family’s modern-day struggles adds depth to the film’s storytelling, creating a compelling juxtaposition of faith and everyday life. Lidstone expressed admiration for the film’s ability to intertwine these narratives seamlessly, offering audiences a multifaceted viewing experience.

Despite the logistical challenges of coordinating separate filming schedules for the inner and outer stories of the film, Lidstone lauded the efficiency of the production process, which allowed for a swift turnaround from production to release. The expediency with which “Forty-Seven Days with Jesus” came to fruition serves as a testament to the dedication and passion of the entire team involved in bringing the project to life.

“Forty-Seven Days With Jesus,” starring Yoshi Barrigas, Catherine Lidstone and Cameron Arnett, releases March 11, 12 and 14 through Fathom Events.

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