June 19, 2024

The desire to be liked and approved by others runs deep in most of us—maybe all of us. We are wired to connect with other humans and made to be in meaningful relationships. And when we know or sense that someone in our sphere of influence doesn’t like us, it hurts. From the time we start school as young children, we do whatever we can to gain the acceptance and approval of others. If we’re nerdy, we play the smart... Read more

June 14, 2024

Many things in the Bible are not as black and white as we would like. You may come from an extremely fundamental, conservative background where you were taught certain things as biblical truth, but they were theological opinions and possibly the traditions of men. For example, I grew up in a church that taught that drinking, smoking, dancing, and masturbation are evil. Are they? Anything in excess (including too much television or gaming) can be hurtful, but many things in... Read more

June 7, 2024

Sometimes, failure stares me in the face and seems to mock my very existence. In the quiet moments lying in bed long before sunrise, when there is nothing and no one to distract me, I wrestle with a thousand regrets. There are no ruminations of suicide because that would only add failure to failure, but I often pray, “Jesus, You can take me home anytime You want.”   My dad used to irritate me when he’d say, “There’s no rest for... Read more

May 31, 2024

Divorce is costly. Though not an unpardonable sin, when we fail at marriage, we will experience the consequences of our choices to some degree. Very little, if anything, entirely remains the same. Unfortunately, when you are unhappy and unsatisfied in a marriage, for whatever reason, and then you find yourself in love and thrilled with a new relationship, you rarely stop to zoom out and consider all the consequences. And the losses are often high relationally, physically, emotionally, and financially. I... Read more

May 25, 2024

Christians, like all humans, are far from perfect and subject to the same idiocy as anyone with a pulse. We fail frequently. We say some dumb things. We set high standards for everyone and then drop the ball. And I say we because I am a Christian. So, I am not casting any stones at others. I hate the things that are sometimes true about me. Though I don’t hate anyone, I do struggle with the way we are as Christians at times.... Read more

May 15, 2024

No one is truly normal. Everyone has quirks. Everybody has something somewhere in their past or present that makes them atypical. Think about it; just the fact that we all are incredibly unique makes us anything but normal.  If you define normal as “just like me,” then you have a problem because nobody is just like you. You are one in a billion (more like eight billion). I’m sitting at Starbucks in Portland, Oregon, sipping my Americano and watching people.... Read more

May 8, 2024

Defining moments in life can happen fast and unexpectedly or result from something planned. Perhaps it is starting a new job, finishing college, or experiencing the death of a loved one. A defining experience is when something significant and sometimes painful takes place that you will never forget.  Those moments often reveal who you are and what you value. And they frequently influence many other subsequent related experiences.  These life-impacting moments force us to overcome our fears and act. That’s why defining moments are... Read more

May 3, 2024

We, collectively as a nation, are getting older—much older. About one in four people fall under the category of  “senior citizen.” The number of boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) alive today is about 64 million. According to one report, “the aging of the baby boomers is creating a dramatic shift in the age composition of the U.S. population.” Furthermore, many of the boomers are working much later than expected. Perhaps it’s inflation, the rising cost of living, or high... Read more

May 1, 2024

A lot of Christians reacted in anger when I posted on my social media accounts that I’m in favor of tattoos and body piercings. Rather than sinful, I see it all as art and artistic expression. For some reason, people think they can get away with verbal bullying and downright rudeness on the interwebs. Sadly, too often, Christians are the worst offenders. Sometimes, things that might get you punched in the face if you said them to someone within range... Read more

April 28, 2024

Despite how many in the Church treat divorced people, divorce is not an unpardonable sin. Nonetheless, it’s almost always painful. Jesus made it clear that divorce “pulls apart what God has put together.” Even if a couple separates amicably, tearing two back into one hurts your soul (and wallet). However, when married people split in heartbroken anger, it’s excruciating, and the nuclear fallout burns anyone within range. The prophet Malachi wrote, “For I hate divorce, says the Lord the God of Israel, and covering one’s garment with... Read more

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