The First Question is Doctor Who? What Do You Think The Answer Might Be?

The First Question is Doctor Who? What Do You Think The Answer Might Be? December 13, 2011

As Doctor Who fans wait for the return of Doctor Who, perhaps now is a good time to revisit the ending of the finale from last season.

They kept us wondering what the “first question” might be for long enough. Now that we know that the question is “Doctor Who?” what do you think the answer might be? Why has the Doctor been running from it? Why would a religious order be devoted to that question and to preventing it from being asked and answered?

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  • I suppose the obvious answer to the great question is “forty-two”. 

  • How about “I am”.

    • William Bell

      Other possibilities… he could use adjectives to describe himself (TheMostAwesomeThingInTheEntireUniverseAndAllTheParallelWorlds, Awesome, Epic), “I am protector of earth”, .

  • Mindwrecker


  • William van den Bogert

    Theta Sigma … no thats not right. Maybe Gerome!

  • Lakiawatley15

    my answer to ”DOCTOR WHO”? is his real name.

  • Cleveland Oakes

    Who he was prior to his first regeneration.

  • Skvortsov Eugeny

    It’s blasphemy, but with the religious order and countless times of him being adressed as a god-like creature, would not be a long shot.
    Not to mention that he did the BIG BANG, that kinda… started the whole universe… Gave life to all. Which is a time-paradox, but when did this series ever cared about that?

    • Prestonschlol

      well actually it was the Big Bang II he restarted the universe not created it.

  • Edetha3


  • jon

    I think the question is Doctor Who, and the answer is “My name is devil”because he is Lord of time, fought in war time, and killed the other lords of the time, their plan of conquest,

  • AndreaIT

    The answer is: CHUCK NORRIS.

  • SamuelRSPratt

    Theta sigma was the doctor’s name when he went to school on gallifrey, it’s not correct though. I am an American. Also, what’s the Master’s name?

    • Alexis

      I only know the master’s first name was Koschei

  • Vyanni Krace

    I dont think we’ll ever know. The series is called ‘Doctor Who’ so I guess if we found out it would kind of ruin the series. Maybe we’ll only ever find out when the series comes to an end. (which will be a very sad day in history, ‘no new Doctor Who episodes!?! BLASPHEMY!’ Nooooooooo!)
    So really, if you think about it, that question should never be answered because really, really think about it. Is knowing The Doctors name really worth the giving up the continued existence of the series?
    No I think not.

    Though if you looked at it from another perspective maybe the question isnt about his name. Maybe its about who he was before the series happened. Who was he on Gallifrey?
    We know next to nothing about his past if you really think about it.
    It would also be nice to know a little more about The Masters past too, and the apparent friendship he shared with The Doctor.
    What happened on Gallifrey?
    Maybe thats a safer question than asking for his name dont you think?

  • Guest

    “The Other”, or rather an explaination of the origins of the other and the story before the looms.

  • I think everybody is wrong when the outright accept that The First Question is “Doctor Who?”. It only sounds like that. I think that The First Question is spoken in the language of Gallifrey.
    “Dok Tor Hoo?”

  • FallenMSH

    the only thing that would be a major twist which if am right “SORRY” but if we find his name is ADAM and i will let you think what that would mean and why is be such a thing to run from to not let any one know the truth that there are still time lords and why he fights tooth and nail when it comes to the humans

  • The Doctor

    you ppl r all idiots the ? is his name dr who what is his name?

  • Me

    Maybe it’s who he is now. What his life means.

  • Daniel

    it’s the final question… doctor who? the doctor has to answer it and will remember who he was during time war. Matt smith is his 12 regeneration, so there is only one remaining one or two Seasons left.. i guess the last episode will air on 23. November 2013.. and then ist over.. exactly after 50 Years.

    • Matt Smith is only the 11th doctor… Season 7 Part 2 starts 3/30/13 and ends in April… But will continue more with a new doctor next year.

  • Andy Tran

    My theory is that the doctor had travelled to the beginning of the universe and caused something which required his name to maybe save the universe or create it, therefore “The first question in the universe”. Idk but it’ll be cool any way

  • what stupid discussion! It’s useless! And do not dare try finding an answer, cause all you can find will be wrong!

    You are forgetting something fundamental: THE FIRST QUESTION, the question that MUST NEVER BE ANSWERED!!!

  • First Name M. Last Name

    “Just the Doctor”