Jim Linville’s Zombie Blog Rises from the Grave

Jim Linville’s Zombie Blog Rises from the Grave September 25, 2012

If Jim Linville’s blog had been dead for a mere three days, we might say it was resurrected, or that it had only in fact been mostly dead. But his blog was dead. It was nailed to the biblioblogosphere. It was an ex-blog.

But now it’s back, and that can only mean one thing…

It’s the night of the living dead zombie blog!

You’ll definitely want to check this out, but given what we know about zombies – and what we know about Jim’s sense of humor – you have double the reason to keep a close eye on your brains when you do!

But seriously (no, really) – welcome back, Jim, to the land of the living blogs. Your humor has been missed!

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