Romans in Three Hours

Romans in Three Hours May 8, 2013

John Byron posted on Facebook that he has a three-hour class in which to cover Romans. While the text could be read in that period of time, given its rich contents and extensive history of interpretation, doing justice to the text in that period might simply be impossible. John put it thus:

Today’s Task: Teach Romans in 3 hours.

I can hear the voices of Calvin, Luther, Barth, Cranfield, Barrett, Dunn, Fitzmyer, Jewett and a host of others crying out in pain.

Not to be so easily daunted, however, I jokingly suggested the following:

 “God is impartial. Jews and Gentiles have the same problem of sin. God has accomplished salvation for both through Christ. By the way, behave.”

Another friend of John’s named Jeff Cooley did even better:

 “I really would like your money so I can go to Spain. I know you’ve heard I’m crazy, but I’m really not. Also, I know all of these people you know, and they can testify to the fact that I’m not crazy. I repeat, I’m not crazy. Please have money ready when I arrive. Sincerely, Paul”

Could you summarize Romans? How would you do so? What would you include in a three-hour class?

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