Paul’s Letters Round-Up

Paul’s Letters Round-Up August 9, 2021

Recent blog post and articles about the epistles and other things related to Paul:

David Miller shared readings from his course on Romans

Letter writing in the time of Paul

The apostle Paul as role model for the reading pastor

Is the New Perspective on Paul Heretical?

Evangelical Textual Criticism on Romans 8:34

Review of Lisa Bowens on African American Readings of Paul

Top 12 Commentaries on Romans

Aaron Sherwood, Romans: A Structural, Thematic, and Exegetical Commentary

Romans 101: Why So Many Christians Miss The Point

Top 12 Commentaries on Romans

Andrew Perriman on Douglas Moo and the Passion Translation of Romans, as well as more on that translation, including how it renders Romans 9:5.

John Barclay and the Efficacy of Grace

Richard Beck on nondual thinking and Paul’s apocalypticism

Open access article in Open Theology 7:1 (2021): Chak Him Chow, “Paul’s Divergence from Jesus’ Prohibition of Divorce in 1 Corinthians 7:10–16,” 169-179

St. Paul, Apostle and Martyr

Lionel Windsor on Paul within Judaism and Romans 2:17-29

No obstacles to salvation here

William Loader shared an article he wrote on homosexuality in Romans 1 and its context

Matthew Bates on “Son of God with power”

Excelling in Generosity What is the gospel according to Paul?

Becoming a Man: Paul and Masculinity

Paul’s Impossible Credentials for Ministry

Paul’s “Marxism”

Radical Paul and Radical Jesus

Mutual Submission in Early Christian Writings

Craig Keener on Dionysius, Stephanas, and whether Paul reached Athenians. See also by Keener:

Paul and Sedition: Defending Paul’s Legacy

A sermon on Paul’s “thorn in the flesh”

Research on Paul featured on the What If? podcast Paul’s Gospel, Empire, and Race/Ethnicity Paul’s beheading The quest for the historical Paul

To the saints [not just in Ephesus] who are faithful (Ephesians 1; Pentecost 7B)

Bob Cornwall: “Chosen for Blessing”, “No More Dividing Walls”“Gifted for Spiritual Maturity”, “Living for Jesus,” and “A Christian Way of Living”

New article on Ephesians in HTS

Sermon: Bringing down walls

The dividing wall of hostility Allan Bevere: Flesh and Spirit

James Tabor explores whether Paul made a break with the Jerusalem apostles

James Tabor shared an interview on Paul and Jesus

In Open Theology 7/1 (2021): Janelle Peters, “Creation, Angels, and Gender in Paul, Philo, and the Dead Sea Scrolls,” pp.248-255.

Michael Ferrebee Sadler’s commentary on Romans has been digitized, as has John Llewelyn Davies’ commentary on the Greek text of the letters to the Ephesians, Colossians and Philemon

Chosen Prior to Faith or Chosen by Foreknown Faith? A Look at the Early Church Fathers on Romans 9

Paul and the New Covenant: An Interview with Scott Hafemann

Divine Determinism and Human Freedom: The Romans 9 Debate

Matthew M. and 1 Corinthians 12– a Dramatic Reading

A Galatians Dialogue between N. T. Wright and Ben Witherington

N.T. Wright’s Galatians– Part Three

N.T. Wright’s Galatians– Part Four

N.T. Wright’s Galatians– Part Five

N.T. Wright’s Galatians– Part Six

N.T. Wright’s Galatians– Part Seven

N.T. Wright’s Galatians– Part Eight

N.T. Wright’s Galatians– Part Nine

N.T. Wright’s Galatians– Part Ten

N.T. Wright’s Galatians– Part Eleven

N.T Wright’s Galatians– Part Twelve

N.T. Wright’s Galatians– Part Thirteen

N.T. Wright’s Galatians– Part Fourteen

N.T. Wright’s Galatians– Part Fifteen

N.T Wright’s Galatians– Part Sixteen

N.T Wright’s Galatians— Part Seventeen

N.T Wright’s Galatians– Part Eighteen

N.T. Wright’s Galatians– Part Nineteen

N.T. Wright’s Galatians– Part Twenty

N.T. Wright’s Galatians– Part Twenty-One

N.T Wright’s Galatians– Part Twenty-Two

N.T. Wright’s Galatian– Part Twenty Three

N.T. Wright’s Galatians– Part Twenty Four

N.T. Wright’s Galatians– Part Twenty Five

N.T. Wright’s Galatians– Part Twenty Six

N.T. Wright’s Galatians– Part Twenty Seven

N.T. Wright’s Galatians– Part Twenty Eight

N.T. Wright’s Galatians– Part Twenty Nine

A Shipwrecked Faith | 1 Timothy 1:18-19 by The Rev. Dr. Nicole Foster

I hope to get back to retelling Romans soon. In the meantime the last post in the series is here:

Retelling Romans 5:1-11


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