Ten Commandments Monument Supplement

Ten Commandments Monument Supplement June 29, 2013

Hemant Mehta has shared some photos from the unveiling of an atheist monument in front of a Florida courthouse. It was set up in response to the failure of the court to remove a ten commandments monument from that site.

What I think is most interesting is that, in addition to quotes from a famous atheist, it also includes quotations from two Deists (see the recent discussion of Deism here), and a list of the punishments in ancient Israelite laws for breaking the ten commandments!

The second most interesting image is from a protester at the unveiling:

Apparently some have still not grasped that the South did not successfully secede from the Union. If it had, however, the statement above might well have turned out to be true. But which Christianity would have predominated, and what impact might it have had on the freedom of other Christians, to say nothing of atheists, in the South?

Here is a clearer illustration of the text on the monument, in case you can’t read some of it:

Any thoughts on the fact that this atheist monument quotes the Bible and non-atheists more than atheists?

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