From Divine Identity to Unitarian Worship Music

From Divine Identity to Unitarian Worship Music August 22, 2013

Dale Tuggy, who teaches at SUNY Fredonia, left a comment here recently, pointing out the presence online of an article he wrote critically evaluating Richard Bauckham’s notion of “divine identity.”

In the process, I discovered a blog called Trinities, to which Tuggy is a contributor. It really does explore the doctrines of divine threeness and oneness in all its aspects – including sharing Unitarian worship music. I confess I didn’t know there was such a thing until now!

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  • It’s a curious and fun argument. I haven’t quite got to the end of it. But it occurs to me that the math/logic does not hold for infinite values. Many strange things happen when you add 1 to infinity – you still get infinity, and there are multiple classes of the infinite… So though I somehow nuance Jesus, Christ, Spirit, God, Father, Son, Messiah, Anointing, Anointed, Yhwh, Lord etc, I can know the teaching of this ‘God’ through Christ, through Jesus, and through a muffled ‘obedience’ to that teaching.. be not like horse and mule who only understand the logic of carrot and stick – rather we must have carrot and stich (read the psalms!)