YUCH February 18, 2014

Young-earth creationism does not merely posit a young Earth, but a young universe. And its view of both the Bible and of nature is heretical.

And so Peter Kirk has suggested that we refer to it as “young universe creationism heresy.” Or “YUCH” for short.

The acronym for “young-universe creationist kookiness” works even better…

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  • Gary

    I love it. Bring back the good old days, of “Against Heresies”. Need to include inerrancy.

    • Bring out…the comfy chair.

      • R Vogel

        You have a fan, I see……

  • Remember, heresy means choice. Freedom of choice is good. So that you can love your enemies. For how good they make you look. 🙂

  • Tim

    Another of my favorite acronyms is Christian Rules And Principles… CRAP

  • Wishing I had copyrighted that acronym… 😉