Round It Goes Again

Round It Goes Again October 23, 2014

In an assignment, I had students set forth in search of reliable online sources on a given subject. Some of what they found was so helpful, that I blogged about it. Later students sometimes found my blog post.

Something similar has happened again. A student this semester found LaMar Adams’ work on the unity of Isaiah – but also found my blog post about that subject.

I’ve also had students cite the blog posts of other scholars who blog in assignments, and have heard from other scholars that their students have mentioned mine.

There are lots of reasons for scholars to blog. But inasmuch as one of them is to combat misinformation and offer mainstream alternatives to ideologically-slanted perspectives, I have the impression that what we do does indeed have some effect, however small.

Perhaps next year, some student will find this post. And on it will go.

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  • Ken
    • That is a comic I love. I inevitably have students tell me they “fact check” by looking to see if other sites say the same thing, and so I warn them about how Wikipedia content circulates elsewhere and then is treated as confirming what Wikipedia says.