BioLogos on Patheos

BioLogos on Patheos March 21, 2015

Patheos has partnered with BioLogos to offer a number of videos on topics related to religion and science. Here is one example, about the ways those people who promote pseudoscience in the name of protecting children actually set them up to lose their faith when they discover they’ve been lied to:

When I was up in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan, I had dinner with a group of scholars most of whom were from Europe, and they expressed significant bewilderment at the widespread American attitude that Christianity and science are in conflict.

I hope that organizations like BioLogos – with help from Patheos – will help bring about a radical shift away from the anti-science forms of Christianity that have been so loud and obnoxious in recent decades.

See also Faith Forward and Science on Religion for more on this topic.



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