A Right To Be Free

A Right To Be Free April 29, 2015

I have the human right to be free Eva Kor

The quote from Holocaust survivor Eva Kor comes from an article on the WISH TV website, about Kor’s experience when she came face to face with former Nazi guard Oskar Groening. Kor lives in Indiana and runs the Candles Holocaust Museum.

Forgiveness is sometimes the biggest victory that a person can win over someone who did them harm, because hatred punishes and inflicts pain on oneself more than them.

Forgiveness means not letting the person who hurt you go on hurting you.

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  • charlesburchfield

    I think forgivness is what I need to come to when I think of my abuser as someone who is also a victim. The alcoholic system is so saturating every one & every institution! I think of it as the sin I am born into and one I am recovering from. I take my direction fr the one who died a criminals death when he said in his betrayal, abuse, abandonment: ‘forgive them father! They know not what they do!