Does This Get Your Goat?

Does This Get Your Goat? April 29, 2015


goat request

As you can see above, a friend of mine asked on Facebook whether anyone they know has a goat.

As I said in my comment, that is the first time I have encountered a goat request on Facebook.

What’s the oddest request you’ve encountered on social media? And how will the fact that one can ask for a goat by this means – and get one on short notice, apparently – change the way we live our lives?

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  • Melanie D.

    I went to high school with a (now) pastor who occasionally crowd sources sermon inspiration on Facebook. It’s generally a pretty lively conversation!

  • Gary

    Not directly related. But sometimes even via the old phone technique, you don’t get what you want. Our minister told the story of her in a previous congregation, and another minister, got together to share the cost of renting a donkey for Palm Sunday. Idea was to have kids dressed up as Jesus and crowd, waving palms, and walking down the aisle on Sunday. Unfortunately, when the animal and his handler showed up on Sunday, it was a miniature pony, dyed pink, named Sparkles. The show must go on, and the kids seemed to enjoy the pink pony more than a brown donkey. Probably beats a colt and an ass. The only person that probably would have been ticked-off would be Matthew.