Blogging Mark’s Christology

Blogging Mark’s Christology February 4, 2016

As a result of the discussions among bloggers, I thought it would be interesting to try to blog my way through the Christology of the Gospel of Mark. What do you think – does that sound like a good idea?

At any rate, before turning to that, there has been a lot that simply needs to be recapped from the blogosphere since my last round-up.

Dustin Smith and Mike Bird have had some interesting interactions – both with the topic and each other – on their blogs.

Daniel McClellan blogged about Mark's Christology and the messenger of YHWH.

Brant Pitre looked at how the story of the sea crossing is suggestive of a theophany.

James Tabor shared his perspective on how we get from the Jewish Messiah to the incarnate God in early Christology.

Phil Long had posts about Jewish Christianity and high Christology, and the definition of Jewish Christianity offered by N. T. Wright.

Zondervan offered arguments in favor of the theological character of Mark's Gospel.

Matthew Montonini shared a quote from Vincent Taylor about the enigmatic Christ and the Messianic secret in Mark.

Scot McKnight blogged about Jesus being interpreted in the process of being remembered.

There's also a podcast of related interest, although not about the Gospel of Mark. In it, Joshua Jipp talks about Christ as king in Paul's Christology. And Shaun Rufener has been blogging about the book The Son of God: Three Views of the Identity of Jesus.

In addition, there are also a number of posts of mine from the past which touch on Christology in the Synoptic Gospels, and the question of whether Jesus is depicted as pre-existent there. It is to be highlighted that one needs to ask not only whether there is anything in Mark, Matthew, or Luke that could just possible be read in terms of pre-existence, but also whether one would understand Jesus to be pre-existence if one read these works without such questions in mind.



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