The Videofullest Biblical Studies Carnival Ever!

The Videofullest Biblical Studies Carnival Ever! May 1, 2016

Jeff Carter (yes, that Jeff Carter) is hosting the latest Biblical Studies Carnival. And it is chock full not only of links to interesting posts, but also fantastic video context. I’ll include a couple of samples below, but click through for much, much more. And there are also a couple of Hebrews Highlights for this month, too.

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  • arcseconds

    I like the headings.

    You’re there under ‘New Intestines’, James.

    And the thought of appearing under ‘Weirdo Type Stuff’ almost makes me want to undertake a scholarly project on the apocrypha…

    • arcseconds

      Shouldn’t the pseudo-Dionysius stuff be under ‘Weirdo Type Stuff’ too?

      It’s a great sentence, and a great name, but it’s almost too good to be true. Are we sure this isn’t a parody?