Misrepresenting Religious Views

Misrepresenting Religious Views August 11, 2016

Hemant Mehta shared the SMBC comic below. It makes a good point, don’t you think? If not, you probably stopped reading before the last panel…

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  • Phil Ledgerwood

    3 monkeys in a robe? Did Carrier write a new book or something?

  • charlesburchfield

    I’m a bit slow on the uptake. Please! Won’t someone explain this joke to me? Use a piechart and/or hand puppets if you must. `€=-)

  • myklc

    Although every atheist I know would protest about the use of the ‘religious views’ terminology. They loudly proclaim being either non or ir-religious.
    Yes, we know what the dictionary says about religious, it doesn’t always match common usage.