One Size Fits All Spirituality

One Size Fits All Spirituality August 15, 2018

This is yet another one of those blog posts that has been more than two years in the making, as I have continuously pasted in links, but failed to ever find or make the time to fully elaborate the germ of an idea that led to the creation of the draft post in the first place. As someone who has been involved in a number of different religious communities in different traditions, and who enjoys not only playing and listening to different genres of music, but also participating in worship that features those different musical styles, I can appreciate everything from contemporary Christian music with electric guitars and drums, to choral singing and organ in a cathedral. As an introvert, I can appreciate the kind of service in which most of the focus is on others doing things in a professional or semi-professional capacity. As an educator, I know the value of getting everyone engaged to the extent possible. And in all of those capacities, I appreciated many of the humorous postings (such as the video below) that poke fun at customized religious services, but in a way that might just also merit some serious discussion.

But let me start with the College Humor video that I think got this started. Then I’ll share some other links to posts related to this topic. Make sure you read all the way to the end of the post for the cartoon that awaits you there!

Local Church Offers ‘Introvert Service’ Where Nobody Has To Talk To Anyone Else

Can I Say This At Church podcast on “A Flexible Faith”

Richard Beck on Tribes and Community

Adam Palmer: How Liturgy Saved My Faith

Pete Enns on the importance of ritual.

Preaching Apocrypha: Postscript

The mainline Christian Century imagined Christians and churches, like starlings, organizing themselves and working collectively without the need for an appointed leader. The conservative Evangelical Christianity Today had a piece on why it is nearly impossible to be a scholar-pastor.

“Is Eclectic Christianity an Oxymoron?”

Jonathan Bernier on Lonergan and space

“Atheists are Sometimes More Religious Than Christians”

Jim Spinti wrote about how one size fits all – except when it doesn’t. Karen Johnson wrote about the different racial experiences of American Catholics.

Open up a new world of honesty, authenticity, and an appreciation…

Sermon-less Church: A Thought Experiment

The Non-Denominational Reformation

Why social media is not a substitute for church.

Two Patheos blogs debated whether offering worship services in multiple styles is a good or bad thing.

Seven Things I Wish All Pastors Knew About Academics—Part 2

I Wish Pastors Knew … Part 2 (RJS)

The Cookie Cutter Church Challenge

Totally Tongue-in-Cheek but Hopefully Enlightening

My Feeble Attempts at Satire Miss the Mark

Different Faiths, Same Religion

Evangelizing the Nones

spiritual buffet

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