ReligionProf Podcast Episode 7 with Eric Cline

ReligionProf Podcast Episode 7 with Eric Cline October 10, 2018

This week’s episode of the ReligionProf Podcast features one of the leading figures in biblical archaeology, Eric Cline of George Washington University. If you’re at all familiar with this field, you’ve undoubtedly encountered his work. In addition to an incredible career in excavation and research, Eric has also done a wonderful job of mediating the findings of archaeologists to a general audience.

I blogged about him and his work after reading his excellent book From Eden to the Exile. But I first encountered his work way back in documentary clips I used from the Mysteries of the Bible episode about Jericho. Much better, though, is the one in the Ancient Evidence series about Jericho, narrated by Avery Brooks (or as I always want to call him, Cmd. Benjamin Sisko of Deep Space Nine).

When the Archaeological Institute of America, together with the Classics Program at Butler University, brought him to Indianapolis to speak at Butler about his decades of work at (and forthcoming book about) Megiddo, I was delighted to be able to invite Eric to make a guest appearance in my Historical Jesus class, and to sit down in the sound booth and record this episode of the ReligionProf Podcast.


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  • John MacDonald

    That was fun! I liked the part where Dr. Cline pointed out, regarding the relationship between legend/myth and history, we needn’t be pigeonholed into Black and White thinking where something has to be all true, or all invented, but rather we should be open to the possibility that the actual state of affairs lay somewhere in the middle. This analysis helps us see, for instance, the Black and White thinking relationship between conservative fundamentalism, on the one hand, and mythicism on the other.

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